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Full text of "A history and genealogy of the family of Baillie of Dunain, Dochfour and Lamington : with a short sketch of the family of McIntosh, Bulloch, and other families"

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— A— 










The Indian Service, Member of Sons of Revo- 
lt tion, Grand Commander of Or- 
der of Washington and Mem- 
ber of Other Societies. 




The author is gratified to know that he has been 
able to publish through the kind assistance of many 
friends, this work on the Baillies of Dunain, Dochfour 
and other families with a short account of the family 
of Mackintosh. He is especially indebted to Captain 
Douglas Wimberley of 79th Cameron Highlanders and 
an officer at the famous siege of Lucknow, now residing 
in Inverness, Scotland, and to C. Frasor Mcintosh, 
Esq. of Inverness, himself a descendent of Baiilie of 
Dunain. To Captain Edmund Alexander Baiilie. 
heir of line to the chiefship of Baiilie of Dochfour. 
Dunain and Lamington. a kind friend and kinsman 
of Filleigh. Chndleigh Jr.. Devon. England, he 
cherishes the kindest feelings for aid furnished. 

Many thanks are due Swinton Mcintosh Esq. of Da- 
rien, Ga., Capt. John Mcintosh Kell and Mrs. Kell 
and Miss Hester Kell a lifelong friend and many 
others. As to the authority as regards descent of our 
line from this family would respectfully say that in 
the old Georgia Gazette are to be found the marriage 
notices of Colonel Kenneth Bail lie's children, one of 
them Ann Elizabeth Baiilie to John Irvine. M. D.. as 
also the will of Colonel Baiilie in Atlanta where he 
speaks of his children and one of them "Ann Elizabd h, 
now wife of John Irvine, surgeon in Suobury," and in 
Court House records in Savannah, Ga., we find Ann 
Elizabeth Baillie's will to which her husband Dr. 
John Irvine's name is affixed. In it she mentions her 
daughter Ann Bulloch and others. The Acts of 
Trustees ••Colonial Records (published) in Ga. Histor- 

ical Society contain references to Colonel Baillie and 
show several positions he held and in Atlanta, Georgia, 
there is a record of the military positions he held during 
Colonial times as well as his son. The letters from 
Mrs. Kenneth Baillie and her son Robert Carnibe 
Baillie. written from Sunbury, Ga., then a rival of 
Savannah, now a dead town, to their relations in 
Scotland, present the last link and forge the chain of 
all the evidence presented as to the descent of the 
Baillies of Georgia, from that of Dunain and descent 
of other families in Georgia herein mentioned. 

It is to be hoped that the descendents of the Great 
Sir William Wallace, ''Champion of Scotland." and of 
the illustrious Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, 
may imitate their example and continue to live noble 

So great has been the pleasure of acquaintance with 
Mr. Alexander Baillie and so pleasant has been the 
thought that the author is descended from Baillie of 
Dunain. that he has added Baillie to his name. 









The very ancient and noble family of Baillie of the 
Baliol blood has contributed to make history, and 
were a powerful and an eminent family in the early 
days of England and Scotland, closely related to the 
Kings, John and Edward Baliol, but eventually siding 
with the Scottish king, David, II. It would appear 
also that the name was changed from Baliol to Baillie 
to escape the wrath of Edward First of England, who 
was so incensed against the Baliol name, and also to 
distinguish them from the kings of that name to 
whom they were closely related, and who had be- 
stowed favors upon them, for there can be no doubt 
as to the name being the same, and their being of 
same stock. It was also doubtless for same reasons 
that the arms of Baliol — the Catherine wheels— were 
changed to a like appearing coat of six mullets, 
changed afterwards to nine mullets or five pointed 


stars and took as supporters two Boars rampant, 
as seen in the Arms at the head of this chapter, 
also that for the above reasons a brother of King 
John Baliol assumed the name Richard de Baliol le 
Scott, whose daughter married as his second wife 
Lawrence Washington. 

We find in the list of the companions of William 
the Conqueror, the name of Guillaume Belet, also 
that of Renaud de Bailleul and the name De Bailleul 
and in the Role of Battle Abbey the names Bailif and 

There seems to be little doubt that their position 
was greatly augmented in the reign of William Rufus, 
1087-1100, for in this reign we find Guy de Bailiol, 
who had a grant from the Crown of the barony of 
Biweld in county of Northumberland. He was suc- 
ceeded by his son Barnard de Bailio 1 , a military com- 
mander of reputation, who fought at the battle of the 
Standard, 1133, in which King Stephen of England 
gained a victory over King, David of Scotland. He 
seems to have been an eminent man, and baron of his 
day and time, and is supposed to have been the found- 
er of Birnarl Castle on bank of Te3s. He married 
Agnes de Pinchein and had Eustace de Baliol. baron 
of Biweld who had besides others, Hugh de Baliol 
who succeeded to the Barony of Biweld and had the 
Lordship of Hiche in Essex, granted him by Henry, 
Second. He was a warrior of note and had: — 

I. John de Baliol, founder of Baliol College, 

ancestor of King John Baliol. 

II. Alexander Baliol. or de Balio of Cavers, 
Grand Chamberlain of Scotland. 

I. John de Baliol founder of Baliol College 
married and had: — 

1. Alexander de Baliol; 

2. Hugh Baliol, died, 1269. 


Alexander de Baliol married and had: — 

1. John Baliol, King of Scotland; 

2. Alexander Baliol; 

3. Richard de Balio le Scott, who was an 
eminent man of powerful family, and changed his 
name to Scott. One of his daughters married as 
second wife Lawrence Washington, ancestor of 
George Washington, and consequently the Washing- 
tons of America are of the Baliol blood. 

John de Baliol, founder of Baliol College, had a 
brother Alexander de Baliol, baron of Cavers, who 
was in 1292 Grand Chamberlain of Scotland, and from 
this eminent man, the Baillies of Lamington, Dunain, 
and all of the name in Scotland descend. 

His son, Sir John de Baliol, of Hoprig and Penton, 
was one of the commissioners on the side of the Scots, 
who met at Berwick, in 1292, with King Edward First 
of England to hear the claims of the competitors for 
the crown of Scotland. His son William de Balliolo 
or Sir William Baillie of Hoprig. Penston and Carn- 
brae, married Marion the only daughter and child of 
the renowned and celebrated champion of Scotland. 
Sir William Wallace, son of Sir Malcom Wallace of 
Eldersly. Sir William Wallace had married at 
Lanark church, Marion Braidfoot, a ward of the 
Crown, and heiress of Lamington. Sir William 
Baillie and Marion Wallace had a son Sir William 
Baillie, a great favorite of King David the 11, who 
preferred to adhere to t he side of the Scottish king 
rather than to the side of his near kinsman. Edward 
Baliol, who b Tamo king of Scot land, for which David 
when he gained the Crown rewarded Sir William 
Baillie highly. 

This Sir William Baillie, II of Hoprig son of Sir 
William de Baliol or Baillie, and Marion Wallace, 
married Isobol Seton, daughter of Sir William Seton 


and Catherine Sinclair, daughter of Sir William Sin- 
clair, Lord of Herdmandstone, son of Henry Sinclair, 
Earl of Orkney, descended from the earls of Stra- 
therne, Orkney, and the Royal House of Norway. 
Sir William Seton was a son of Sir Alexander Seton, 
by a daughter of Cheyne of Straloch, and Sir Alex- 
ander was a son of Sir Christopher Seton (executed 
in London in 1396 along with Nigel Bruce), who 
married Christian, sister of Robert and Nigel Bruce, 
and daughter of Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick of the 
Royal House of Scotland. Thus then do the Baillies 
of Lamington, Dunain, Dochfour, Bagbie and Culter 
Allers descend from the illustrious houses of Wallace, 
Bruce, Sinclair and Seton. 

Sir William Baillie, II of Hoprig and Lamington 
and Isobel Seton had the following issue: — 

*1. Alexander Baillie, 1st Baron of Dunain; 
married Catherine ("{rant, daughter of Sir 
Duncan Grant, chief of the Grants. 
*2nd. David Baillie, tied to Ireland, settled 
at Innishargie (founder of Ringdufferin 
*3rd. John Baillie, went to Anglesea, and is 
ancestor of the Pagets, earls of Anglesea. 
4th. Sir William Baillie, 3rd of Hoprig and 
Lamington seems to have had large grants 
of lands and is designated Dominus de 
Hoprig, married Catherine, daughter of Sir 
John Hamilton of Cadzow, of the ancient, 
distinguished, noble and princely line of 

*NOTE— It would appear that these Baillie brothers had inflicted 
punishment upon a priest for an indignity offered a sister of theirs for 
which thev had to ilee for their lives from the Ecclesiastical authorities 
thus leaving a younger brother William at home, who 

succeeded to Lamington. The eldest of these brothers Alexander Baillie 
heir to Lamington went to Inverness settled there and became head of the 
Dunain family, and his branch is now the rightful heir to chieftainship. 
The younger branch failed no less than five times in male succession, the 
present Lord Lamington being of female descent. 


5th. Daughter, married the ninth earl of 
Sir William Baillie and . Catherine Hamilton had 
two sons and two daughters. 

1st. William Baillie, his successor. 
2nd. Alexander Baillie from whom were de- 
scended the families of Carnbrow and Carfin. 
3rd. Margeret Baillie. who married John 
Earl of Sunderland, and had a son John, 
from whom descended the family of Sunder- 
4th. Marion Baillie, married to John Third 
Lord Summerville. 
Sir William Baillie, fourth of Hoprig and Laming- 
ton, son of the proceding proprietor, was a great fa- 
vorite of James third of Scotland, and was a promi- 
nent gentleman of his day. He married Marion, 
daughter of Sir Patrick Hume of Pol warth, a son or 
des'cendent of Hume of Wedderburn. They had four 
sons and two daughters. 

*lst. Andrew Baillie. 

*NOTE.-As the present Lord Lamington claims to be head of the 
family it is just as well to examine into this matter: It would seem thai 
his line failed no less than five successive times the eldest of line being 
eventually a daughter Margeret Baillie who married a Maxwell and who 
took the name of Baillie. The Maxwell-Baillie line also failed in male line 
and was succeded by Cartnichael and so on and eventually 5th by Coch- 
rane who prefixed Baillie to his other names and was finally created 
Peer and changed 1 he order of his names to Cochrane-Baillie. 

In consequence of Alexander Baillie having to llee, his youngest 
brother Six Wm. Baillie who remained at home inherited the Lamington 
estate, which by right belonged to Alexander Baillie, the eldest son. Sir 
Win Baillie had a son Sir William the fourth of Hoprig and Lamington, 
whose son Andrew succeeded to Lamington and just here the eldest Line 
of the younger branch tailed and soon after went to a female, and (Ross 
DundaS Wishart) Cochrane Baillie is now Lord Lamington. Some claim 
La m in ftt on came through t he Set on line. 

As to the Cadet branch ot Richard Hail lie tho' in male line they can not 
assume to the chiefship as they were also of a junior line so that the an- 
cient family of Baillie of Ounain the*George (U.S.) Line having died out 
in male line or entirely disappeared. Ls really vested Ln that of Baillie 
of Dochfour who is the head of Lamington, Dunain and Dochfour. 

♦There are numeroun descendents of Baillie of Dunain in U. S. in fe- 
male line. 


2nd. Richard Baillie, ancestor of Baillie of 
Bagbie, Culter Allers and ancestor of Robert 
Baillie who went to Georgia and married 
Nancy Mcintosh daughter of John More 
Mcintosh, and of his brother Alexander 
Baillie, who married Anne daughter of 
Col. William Mcintosh of the Revolu- 
tionary War. son of John More Mcintosh. 
The Mclntoshes descend also from Baillie of Dunain, 
consequently the Harrises of Milledgeville, Ga., and 
the. Kells of Sunnyside, Spalding Co.. Ga., (among 
whom is Capt. John Mcintosh Kell. Adjutant General 
of Ga.,) descend from both Baillies of Dunain and Lam- 
in gton. 

The Spaldings, Kenans, and Harrises also descend 
from Baillie of Dunain. 

3rd. Sibella Baillie, married Mr. Edmonds- 
4th. Helen Bajllie. married Mr. Henderson, 
of Fordel. 
Besides these there were two other son* whose 
names were not mentioned. Sir William Baillie had 
also Cuthbert Baillie ancestor of Baillie of St. John's 
Kirk and of Jerviswoode. 


The ancient honorable and well-known family of 
Baillie of Dunain was founded by Alexander Raillie, 
eldest son of Sir William Baillie of Hoprig and Lam- 
ington, who married fsobel Seton iter of Sir 

William Seton and Catherine Sinclair, daughter of Sir 
William Sinclair of Herdsmandstone, probably a 
brother of Earl Henry Sinclair of Orkney. Sir Wil- 
liam Seton. was son of Sir Alexander Seton by a 
daughter of Cheyne of Straloch and Sir Adex, Seton 
was a son of Sir Christopher Seton, who married 
Christian Brace, sister of Robert Bruce, King of Scot- 
land. Sir William Baillie of Hoprig and Lamington 
was the son of Sir William Baillie and Marion Wal- 
lace, the only daughter And child of Sir William Wal- 
lace, Champion of Scotland, and thus the Baillies of 
Dunain descend from the ancient families of Baillie of 
Hoprig and Lamington of the de Bailleul or Baliol 
blood, and from the renowned Wallace, the Royal 
House of Scotland, and the ancient families of Sin- 
clair and Seton. 

Alexander Baillie. the eldest son of Sir William 
Baillie of Hoprig and Lamington and [sobel Seton, 
was rewarded by his cousin the Earl of Huntley, for 
his bravery in the battle of Brechin. 1452, with the 
barony of Dunain and ofh $r castle lands near Inver- 
ness, and thus did this illustrious scion of an ancient 
and noble family of undoubte I roya] descent, become 
the starling point of the eminent family of Baillie of 
Dunain, Dochfour, Redcastle, and other lines, who be- 


sides their own intrinsic worth, furnishing to the ser- 
vice of the country men of eminence, members of Par- 
liament, officers to the armv. among whom may be 
mentioned, William Baillie Provost of Inverness, and 
member of S jotch Parliament, Cols. John and William 
Baillie of the Honorable East India Service, Commis- 
sary John Baillie, Comptroller Baillie, and other men 
of note. And not alone in Scotland and England did 
this family contribute their sons to the welfare of the 
country, but in America and elsewhere the name is 
found, for as early as 1785, we Mud Kenneth Baillie of 
the Dunain family, an ensign in the Darien Company 
of Rangers in Georgia, who went out on an expedition 
with Gen. Oglethorpe against the Spaniards in 1740 to 
Florida; was captured by them and sent to Spain, 
from whence he escaped to England and returned 
thence to Georgia, where he became a prominent man 
and leading citizen, one of the trustees of town of 
Sunbury, then a rival of Savannah, and successively 
Lieutenant, Captain, Major, and Colonel, of the 
Second Southern regiment in service of the Colony, 
and also a County officer and one of the landed pro- 
prietors. His eldest son was Lieut, in his father's 
regiment, 6th of May, 1766, and his third son Robert 
Carnibe Baillie, a Lieut, in the Third South Carolina 
Regiment, who was killied at the seige of Savannah 
in October, 1779, while bravely storming the ramparts 
of the enemy, and thus we see the Baillies of Dunain 
taking a prominent part in the formation of 
America in Colonial and Revolutionary periods, the 
father, a Colonial officer of note serving the King, 
the son taking part in founding the great Republic, 
both of them contributing to the settlement and 
foundation of this great country, and ably and faith- 
fully representing their ancient name. Though ex- 
tinct novv in male line in America, it is represented 


in Georgia by the families of Bulloch, Irvine and 
others, and in England by the prominent branch of 
Dochfour, of which Evan Bail lie of Pilleigh, Chud- 
leigh, Devon, England, is the chief and head of both 
families. The Baillie.s of Dunain. besides their illus- 
trious, noble and royal descent,, from the Bruce and 
the Wallace, also descen I directly from the chief of the 
Grants, the Roses, Barons of Kilravock, connected 
with many of the best families in the Highlands, the 
most ancient and highly honorable families of Munro 
of Foulis and Milltown, the Forbes of Culloden, an 
offshoot of Tolquohou consequently descended from 
Lord Forbes, the Keiths, Earls Marisehal, the Earl of 
Angus, the Royal House from Robert Third, the Earl 
of Douglas, Cummyns of Badenoch, and again the 
Baliol blood from King John Baliol, and they also 
descend from Sir John Forbes a man of eminence, 
and Elizabeth Kennedy of Denure, and from the 
Chisholms of Comar, who descend from the Royal 
stocks of Norway and Scotland, and from the de la 
Ards, barons of the Ard, and earls of Orkney and 
Caithness, and the McKenzies of Coul, and the Mc- 
Kenzies barons of Kintail, McKenzies of Tarbat, Gair- 
loch, Red Castle, earl of Seaforth, McLeans, McDonalds 
of Moidart and Glengarry, Frasers and others, as one 
can prove who wishes to avail himself of historical 
research, when it will be found to be one of the best 
families in the country. Alexander Bailiie. first 
baron of Dunain, married Catherine, daughter of Sir 
Duncan Grant, Chief of the Grants, and had issue: 

I. William Bailiie. 

II. Alexander Bailiie. 

William Bailiie; married and had issue: Alexander 
Bailiie who had: 

1. David Bailiie, married fourth daughter of 
Rose of Kilravock. 


2. Thomas Baillie, of Corsehall. 

David Baillie married the fourth daughter of the 
ancient and noble house of Rose, barons of Kilravock, 
a family allied to, and descended from the best blood 
of the Highlands of Scotland. 

The issue of this marriage was: 

1. Alexander Baillie. 

2. William Baillie, Lord Provost of Inver- 
ness, and member of the Scotch Parlia- 

Hon. William Baillie, Fourth Baron of Dunain, 
married Catherine, daughter of the ancient family of 
Munro of Foulis, a family noted for the services 
rendered in the wars and of'mueh prominence. 

William Baillie and Catherine Munro had: 

1. Alexander Baillie, who married Catherine 
Munro, of the old family of Milltown (from 
whom descended the celebrated Drs. Mun- 
ro, Primus, Secundus and Tertius, renowned 
professors and surgeons in Scotland.) 

2. James Baillie. 

3. John Baillie. 

Alexander Baillie and Catherine Munro of Milltown 

1. William Baillie, married about 1710 Eliza- 
beth Forbes, daughter of Duncau Forbes, 
provost of Inverness, and first of Culloden, 
who descended from the Forbes of Tolquo- 
hon and through them from Lord Forbes, 
the Earl Marshall and Robert the III. Dun- 
can Forbes married Janet, daughter of 
James Forbes of *Corsindae of a family also 

The first laird of Corsindae of the Forbes family was Duncan Forbes 2nd 
son of James 2nd Lord Forbes. 

I. Duncan Forbes married Christian Mercer daughter of the Pro- 
vost of St. Johnstone (t. e. Perth) and Laird of Ballar and had : 


descended from Lord Forbes, and the Mer- 
cers of Ballar, Lumsdens, Gordons of Craig, 
and Lesmoir, Forbes of Tolqnohon, and 
Mortimers of Cragievar. 

2. David Baillie of Dochfour. His father 
bequeathed to him, 1657, the lands of 
Dochfour, and Easter and Wester Dochairn. 
He married first in 1629 Janet Patterson 
and had no issue. He married second in 
1669 Margaret, a daughter of Hugh Fraser, 
eighth Lord Lovat, and had Alexander 
Baillie, second of Dochfour, who married 
in 1780, Hannah, daughter of Fraser of 
Relig, widow of James Grant of Shuglie 
and had issue. (See Dochfour.) 

3. Catherine Baillie married Col. Hugh 
Fraser of Kinneries. 

William Baillie and Elizabeth Forbes had: 

1. Alexander Baillie, Niuth of Dunain, mar- 
ried Jane McKenzie. 

2. William Baillie Commissary of Inverness. 

1. William Forbes who married Margaret Lumsden daughter of the 
Laird of Couland and had: 

2. James Forbes 3rd. of Corsindae married Janet, daughter of 
Wm. Gordon, Laird of Craig of Auchindoir (who died 1555) and had: 

1. William Forbes who married Fanet Forbes daughter of William 
Forbes of Tolquohon bj r Elizebeth daughter of George Gordon of 
Lesmoirand thus in three lines do theForbes of Corsindae, through 
Lord Forbes, Forbes of Tolqnohon and Gordon of Lesmoir descend 
from the Royal House of Scotland. 
William and Janet Forbes had:— 

I. James Forbes who married Catharine Mortimer of Cragievar 
daughter of Laird of Cragievar and had;— 

1. Wm. Forbes married daughter of Fraser Laird of Strichen. 

2. Janet Forbes married in 1610 Duncan Forbes, of CuModen Provost 
of Inverness of Tolqnohon family and bad issue:- 

1. John Forbes married Anna Dunbar. 

2. Elizabeth Forbes married Wm. Baillie, of Dunain. 
John Forbes and Anna Dunbar had: 

I. Duncan Forbes married Mary limes and had: 

1. John Forbes married Jean Gordon. 

2. Duncan Forbes Lord President married Mary daughter of Hugh 

Rose of Kilravock and had:— 
I. John Forbes of Culloden. 


3. Mary Baillie, married, 1656, William 
Mcintosh, Third of his House, arid Third in 
descent from William Mcintosh First of 
Borlum, second son of Lachlan Mor Mc- 
intosh, 16th Chief of the clan Mcintosh, 
and Bessie Innes of Innermarkie, cadet of 
Innes of Innes, and of the Royal blood of 
Scotland. From this marriage of Mary 
Baillie of Dunain to William Mcintosh, the 
great family of Mcintosh of Ga. descend, 
as do also the Spaldings, Clinches, Harrises, 
Kenans Wyllys, Kells. and others of Georgia, 
all well-known families. The Kells, and Har- 
rises being also descended from Alexander 
and Robert Baillie of the Bagbie or Culter 
Allers family who came to Georgia before 
the Revolution and married into the Mc- 
intosh family. Alex, and Robt. Baillie 
were of the line of Baillie of Bagbie and 
Culter Allers cadets of Baillie of Laming- 
ton, so that the Kells and Harrises are 
descended from both Baillie of Bagbie and 
Baillie of Dunain, and in their veins flow 
the blood of the great Wallace, the Royal 
house of Scotland, and the Mcintosh who 
descend from the celebrated thane of Fife 
Alexander Bailie. Ninth of Dunain married Jane, 
seventh daughter of Sir Kenneth McKenzie of Coul 
baronet, descended from the McKenzies barons of Kin- 
tail. Sir Kenneth McKenzie married Jane Chisholm. 
daughter of The Chisholm. a family twice descended 
from Royalty, and thro' the de la Ards from the earls 
of Stratherne and Orkney and Kings of Norway. The 
Chisholm also descend from the McKenzies of Gair- 
loch, Tarbat, Bed Castle, Applecross, and the Earl of 


Seaforth, the Mclntoslies, McDonalds of Moidart and 
Glengarry, McLeans, Frasers, and others. 

Alexander Baillie, Ninth of Dunain and Jane 
McKenzie had: — 

1. William Baillie, married first Mary, 
daughter of Provost William Duff, married 
second. Helen, daughter of Commissary 

2. Anne Baillie, married Grant of Glenmor- 

3. Christian Baillie, married. June 27th, 
1710, George Grant of Clurie. 

4. John Baillie in Torbreck married Catha- 
rine Dunbar and had Elizebeth b Oct. 7, 

5. Mary Baillie married Grant of Cluny. 

6. Kenneth Baillie married 1702 IsobelChis- 
holm, daughter of Chisliolm of Comar (The 
Chisholm of Royal blood) Contract of mar- 
riage 1702 at which her brother John Chis- 
holm of Comar was witness to contract. 
She was living long afterward and deeds 
mention her as having had children, one 
of these was Kenneth Baillie who went to 
Georgia probably with his kinsman, John 
More Mcintosh, for in 1735 we find him en- 
sign in Darien Co. of Rangers in Georgia, 
Trustee of Town of Sunbury, Major, Cap- 
tain and Colonel of 2nd Regement. 

7. Jean Baillie married Dec. IS, 1 7 1 s, John 
Baillie son of the Comptroller. 

William Baillie and Mary Duff had: 

1. William Baillie. 

2. Mary Baillie who married her cousin John 
Baillie, son of Commissary William Baillie 
who was sun of William Baillie and Isobel 


Forbes and brother of Alexander Baillie IX 
of Dunain and of Mary Baillie who married 
William Mcintosh. 
William Baillie, Commissary of Inverness, married 
and had: 

1. John Baillie married Mary Baillie, 
daughter of William Baillie and Mary 

2. Helen Baillie who married William 
Baillie (after the loss of his first wife Mary 
Duff), whose daughter by Mary Duff mar- 
ried John Baillie his second wife's brother. 

William Baillie, after the loss of his first wife, Mary 
Duff, married Helen Baillie and had: 

1. Alexander Baillie married July 2nd, 1737. 
Annie, daughter of Sir Archibald Campbell 
by Annie McPherson of Cluny. (Letter to 
him from Robert Carnibe Baillie, son of 
Colonel Kenneth Baillie of Georgia.) 

2. David Baillie, store keeper at Fort. Au- 

3. Magdalen Baillie married June 5, 1731. 
(His second wife), Sir Archibald Campbell 
of CI u nes, second son of Sir Hugh Campbell 
of Cawdor. 

Alexander Baillie and *Lady Annie Campbell had 

I. William Baillie, born Oct. 1739, Colonel 
in Hon. East India Co. 

II. Archibald Baillie, born Sept. 20, 1740. 
Ill' John Baillie, colonel in Hon. East India 

Company, married and had: 
1. William Baillie, Fourteenth Laird of 
Dunain and last in direct line. 

♦Letter to her from Mrs. Kenneth (Elizabeth) Baillie, written from 
Georgia, in which she thanks the Lady of Dunain for kindness shown 
her children while in Scotland. 


2. Catharine Baillie married Colonel Hugh 
Rose of Kilravock and who received with 
a niece the property of Dunain, the last 
Laird having died without issue and thus 
failed the last of the direct Lairds of 
Dunain to have issue. The line of Colonel 
Kenneth Baillie of Georgia would now be 
the rightful heirs to the chieftainship, ex- 
cept that his liue in male line is extinct. 
The estate of Dunain is now owned by- 
James Bruce Baillie, though the repre- 
sentative of the family of Dunain. who is 
now the rightful chief of Lamington, Du- 
nain and Doekfour is Evan Baillie of 
Filleigh, Chudleigb, Devon, England, whose 
eldest son is Captain Edmund Alexander 
Baillie of Manor House. Trent, Sherborne, 
We will now follow up the Georgia line who kept 
up the prestige and descent cf the family in Georgia, 
the first of them being Colonel Kenneth Baillie, son 
of Kenneth Baillie and Isobel Chisholm of Comar. 
The latter Kenneth was a sou of Alexander Baillie IX 
of Dunain and Jane, daughter of Sir Kenneth Mc- 
Kenzie of Coul, and thus the ancient line of Baillie of 
Lamington and Dunain, the representatives of so many 
ancient and noble families, of the Royal House of 
Scotland and the representatives of the gr< at Wallace. 
was represented in America in the person of Kenneth 
Baillie and his descendants. Colonel Kenneth Baillie 
probably came to Georgia with his kinsmen the Mc- 
[ntoshes as at their abode in the Province, we find 
Kenneth Baillie an ensign of the Darien Georgia Com- 
pany of Rangers in 1785. He went upon the military 
expedition in 1740 with General Oglethorpe against 
the Spaniards, was captured, sent to old Spain, es- 


capecl to England, returned to Georgia and was 
successively lieutenant, captain, major and colonel of 
the Second Southern Colonial Regiment, and one of 
the trustees of the town of Sunbury, then the rival of 
Savannah, but now a dead town, and a county officer 
and a man of prominence in the colony and one of 
the land owners, planters and foremost men owning a 
plantation called Baillie's Island, and his daughter, 
Mrs. Irvine, a plantation called Dunain. His son, 
Kenneth Baillie, was a lieutenant in Second Regi- 
ment, and another son, Robert Carnibe, lieutenant in 
Third South Carolina Regiment of Colonial line, killed 
at the siege of Savannah, October, 1779, while at the 
head of his company in a charge. Lieutenant Baillie 
had a presentiment of his fate, but, nothing daunted, 
bid his friends adieu and went into the tight like a 
brave, chivalrous scion of an ancient race. Such then 
is the part taken by this branch of the Baillies of Du- 
nain in the settlement of Georgia. Col. Kenneth 
Baillie married Elizabeth Mackay and had the follow- 
ing children: 

I. Kenneth Baillie, Lieutenant Second Regi- 

II. Alexander Baillie. 

II f. Robert Carnibe Baillie, Lieutenant Third 
South Carolina Regiment. 

IV. Ann Elizabeth Baillie, married Dr. John 

V. Jean Baillie, married Andrew Darling. 
Ann Elizabeth Baillie born September 27, 1749, 

died July 23, L807, daughter of Col. Kenneth Baillie 
and Elizabeth Mackay. married at Sunbury, Liberty 
county, Georgia, September 5, 1765, Dr. John Irvine 
(son of Charles Irvine, laird of Cults, and Euphemia 
Douglass daughter of John Douglass laird of Tilquhil- 
lie and Agnes I lorn daughter of James Horn Vicar of 


Elgin and Isobel Leslie daughter of John Leslie of 

Ann Elizabeth Baillie and Dr. John Irvine had the 
following children: 

I. Charles Irvine born July 22, 1766, died 
November 30, 1803, married Sep- 
tember 27. 1789. Elizabeth Darling his 
first cousin who died November 7, 1793. 
and had issue one son to live: 

1. John Robert Irvine baptized March 8, 1790. 
Charles Irvine was member of the Liberty County. 
Independent Troop, a noted body of troops. 

II. Euphemia Irvine born March 14. 1768, died 
July 14, 1768. 

III. Anne Irvine born January 14, 1770. mar- 
ried first, April 13, 17sr>. Captain -lames 
Bulloch of the American Army (eldest 
son of Archibald Bulloch, president of 
Georgia, 1776, who married Mary, daughter 
of Honorable Colonel James De Veaux, 
senior judge of Kings Court in Georgia, in 
1760: and Anne daughter of Richard Fair- 
child and Anne, daughter of Edmund Bel- 
linger, first Landgrave, or Earl of the name 
in South Carolina) Anne Irvine married 
second James Powell of a prominent family 
in Georgia but had no issue by him. 

By Captain James Bulloch she had: 

I. John IrvineBulloch married Charlotte Glen. 

II. dailies SlrplxMis Bulloch married first 
*Hester Elliott second Martha Stewart. 

III. .lane Bulloch married John Dunwody. 
1\. Anne Bulloch. 

Ik'ster Elliotl was daughter of U S. Senator l<>im Elliott, Martha 
tewart, was daughter oi I General I >aniel Stewart oi the Revolution. 


[V. Robert Irvine born January 4, 1772 died 
soon after. 

V. Robert Irvine born February 15, 1773; died 
November 17, 1778. 

VI. Jane Irvine born January 15, 1775: married 
first Alexander Farquharson of Finzean or 
Invercauld Scotland; married second James 
Smith of Darien Georgia, no issue. 

VII. Margaret Irvine born February 23, 1777; 
died July 26, 1S13; married Rev. George 
Ladson December 7, 1809 and had issue. 

VIII. John Irvine born March 8, 1779; died 
August .30, 1781. 

IX. Alexander Irvine born at Cattle Park, an 
estate near Savannah, Georgia, July 4, 1781; 
married June 19, 1806; Sarah Ann Wingate 
grand-daughter of Governor Caswell of 
North Carolina, and had issue. (See Irvine). 

X. Kenneth Irvine born December 3, 1783; died 
November 16, 1814; married June 21, 1804, 
Jane Euphemia Darling Baker, his cousin. 
He was member of Liberty Independent 
Troop, Naval Officer, etc. 

XI. Elizabeth Irvine, born January IS, 1786; 
married first Mr. Thomas Baillie, December 
17, 1805; married second, Mr. Powell June 
23, 1813. 

XII. Sophia Irvine, born November 26, 1787; 
married William Evans January 6, 1803; 
died February 19, 1857, no issue. 

XIII. Isabel Irvine, born Julyl, 1791; married 
July 13, 1809, Mr. Cuthbert; died Novem- 
ber 2, 1812, and had issue: 

John Irvine Bulloch, attorney at law, clerk 
of U. S. District Court, eldest son of Cap- 
tain James Bulloch and Anne Irvine, mar- 


vied Charlotte, daughter of Chief Justice of 
Georgia, John Glen who married Sarah 
daughter of Dr. Noble Wymberley Jones. 
a distinguished physician, and patriot of 
the Revolution, son of "Honorable Noble 
Jones, a colonel in Colonial troops and one 
of first judges in Georgia who married there 
seems no room for doubt Miss Wimberley 
of the ancient family of South Witham 
and Beechfield. 
John Irvine Bulloch and Charlotte Glen had: 

I. Dr. Win. Gaston Bulloch a noted physician. 

surgeon and oculist, professor of surgery 
in medical college, major, surgeon in C. S. 
army, who married Mary Eliza Adams 
Lewis of the very ancient family of Bolton 
of Bolton and of the old family of Lewis. 
Adams, Mauve and Ellis. 

II. James Powell Bulloch died. 

in. Jane Dunwody Bulloch married John 
Henry Colburn and had issue; 
Dr. Wm, Gaston Bulloch and Mary Eliza Adams 
Lewis had issue: 

I. j-Dr. Joseph Gaston Baillie Bulloch who 
married Eunice Helena Bailey daughter of 

NOTE Noble Jones was appointed Justice of the Courl of Record, to 

beheld lour times a year, (in 12th December, in twenty-eighth year of 
Reign of 'King George, lie was also appointed Colonel of 1st Regiment of 
Foot Militia on 2nd April, 1757. Also Colonel of 1st Troop of Horse 23d De 
cember, 1758. Also Colonel 1st Regimental Savannah 5th July, 17ffii. 

His son, Noble Wimberley Jones, was commissioned Captain of 2nd 
Company ol Colonel Noble Jones' Regiment, 19th April, 1757. He was also 
appointed surgeon of '.'nil Troop, 1st January 1760. 

James De Veaux, father of Mrs Archibald Bulloch, the President's 

wife-, was appointed Justice of General < i of Province oi Georgia, on 3d 

October, the Twenty-ninth year of Reign of George the II. Appointed 
Major of 1st Regiment of Foot Militia commanded by Col. Francis Harris, 
19th November, I?'. I. Lieu tenant colonel of -a me Regiment 10th December, 
1771. Colonel of sain.- lOtfa March, 177.">. 

See State Records in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Vdded Baillie to nam,-. 


Chas. Bailey Esq., and Anne Cloud and had: 

1. Archibald Irvine DeVeaux Bulloch. 

2. Wm. Gaston Glen Bulloch. 

3. Douglass Eugene St. Cloud Bulloch. 

II. Robert Hutchinson Bulloch, M. Univer- 
sity of Virginia. 

III. Margaret H. Bulloch died. 

IV. Mary Bulloch died. 

V. Johnanna Bulloch died. 

VI. Emma Hamilton Bulloch, poet and author. 

James Stephens Bulloch, Major Chatham Batallion, 
second son of Captain -lames Bulloch and Anne Irvine 
married first, Hester A., daughter of U. S. Senator 
John Elliott and Esther Dunwody daughter of Dr. 
Jas. Dunwody of governors council of 177(>. 

I. Captain James Dunwody Bulloch, Confede- 
rate States Naval Agent in Europe, 
who married Harriot Cross, daughter of 
Brigadier General Osborne Cross of United 
States Army and had: 

1. James Bulloch. 

2. Stewart Bulloch. 
o. Dunwody Bulloch. 

4. Jessie Bulloch married M. Hyslop-Max- 
well, son of a landed pi oprietor of Dum- 
fries, Scotland. 

5. Ann Louisa Bulloch. 

Majt>r James Stephens Bulloch married secondly 
Martha, daughter of General Daniel Stewart of the 
Revolution, and Susannah Oswald and had: 

Martha Bulloch married Theodore Roosevelt 
of New York. 

Anna Bulloch married James K. Grade of 

New York. 


*Irvine S. Bulloch married Ella Sears, daugh- 
ter of Major Sears of United States Army 
and Miss Clitz, daughter of Colonel Glitz of 
United States Army. 
Martha Bulloch and Theodore Roosevelt had: 

I Theodore Roosevelt, United States Civil 
Service Commissioner and President of 
New York City Police Board of Commis- 
sioners, now Assistant Secretary of Navy. 
He married first Alice Lee and had issue. 
He married second Edith Kennit Carow 
and had issue. 

II. Elliott Roosevelt married Anna Hall 
and had issue. 

III. Anna Roosevelt married. 

IV. Corinne Roosevelt married Douglas 
Robinson and had issue. 

Theodore Roosevelt and Alice Lee had: 

1. Alice Lee Roosevelt. 
Theodore Roosevelt and Edith Eermit Carow had: 

1. Theodore Roosevelt. 

2. Kermit Roosevelt. 

3. Ethel Roosevelt. 

4. Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt, born April 9. 

Elliott Roosevelt and Anna Hall had: 

1. Eleanor Roosevelt. 

2. Elliott Roosevelt. 

3. Gracie Roosevelt. 

Corinne Roosevelt and Douglas Robinson had: 

1. Theodore Douglas Robinson. 

2. Corinne Douglas Robinson. 

3. Monro I louglas Robinson. 

4. Stewari Douglas Robinson. 

♦Sailing Master of C, s. Steamer Alabama and in Qght ofl coast of 
Prance with I', s. S. Keraeage. 


Andrew Darling, Esq., merchant in Sunbury, St. 
John's Parish, now Liberty county, Georgia, and Jean 
Baillie were married at Fairfield (the country resi- 
dence of Roger Kellsall in Liberty county, Georgia, 
who was probably her connection, Roger Kelsall hav- 
ing married a daughter of Honorable Captain James 
Mackay, member of His Majesty's Honorable Council, 
and probably of the family of Strathnaver, as his 
country residence was called Strathy Hall, and Gen- 
eral Washington received a letter relative to Captain 
Mackay from a kinsman of his "Sinclair" and it is 
positively known that Mackays of Strathnaver came 
to Georgia.) on September 13, 1764 and their 
children were: 

I. Elizabeth Darling married Sept. 27, 1789, 

her first cousin Charles Irvine, eldest son 
of Dr. John Irvine and Ann Elizabeth 
Baillie, sister of Jean Baillie or Darling, 
daughters of Colonel Kenneth Baillie and 
Elizabeth Mackay and had issue a son: 

1. John Robert Irvine, baptized March S. 

2. Daughter died. 

Elizabeth Darling died Nov. 7, 179IJ. Charles Irvine died 
Nov., 30, 1803. 

II. Jean Darling married Oct. 20, 1778, 
Philip Lowe. 

III. Euphemia Darling married Thursday, 
Oct. IS, 1787, Artemas Baker, son of the 
gallant Revolutionary soldier, Colonel 
W illiam Baker, brother of the noted Col- 
onel John Baker, who was a member of 
the Council of Safety of 1776, son of Ben- 
jamin Baker who went with General Ogle- 
thorpe on his expedition against the 
Spaniards in 1740. 

Euphemia Darling and Artemas Baker had issue: 


T. Artemas Baker, born Nov. 1790. 

II. Jane Euphemia Darling Baker, born 
March 8, 17*)0, married probably lier cousin 
Kenneth Irvine, as in the Georgia Gazette 
we find under a marriage notice that on 
"Thursday, June 21, 1804, Kenneth Irvine 
married Miss Jane Baker of Savannah." 



This eminent branch of Baillie of Dunain descends 
from David Baillie, second son of Alexander Baillie, 
seventh Laird of Dunain and Catharine Munro of 
Milltown. and is most certainly a family of impor- 
tance, for beside its own descent from the ancient and 
noble family of Baillie of Dunain, and the Baillies of 
Lamington, of the de Bailleul or Baliol blood, it has 
contributed men of rank and of high standing to the 
army and to the Parliament of Great Britain, among 
whom may be mentioned General Sir Evan Baillie. 
General Charles Baillie, Colonel Alexander Baillie, 
Colonel Hugh Duncan Baillie, Evan Baillie, Member 
of Parliament for Bristol. James Baillie Esq.. Evan 
Baillie of the army and also Member of Parliament 
for Bristol, and others who have served their country 
and added additional honor to the name. Its connec- 
tion to noble and gentle families in England and Scot- 
land also attests its importance, and shows it to be one 
of the families of first rank among those ancient and 
honorable families of the Realm. There can be no 
doubt that this line of David Biillie of Dochfour now 
represents and rightfully takes precedence in the male 
line of the ancient families of Baillie of Dunain, and 
Baillie of Lamington and that Evan Baillie of Filleigh, 
Chudleigh, Devon, England is the rightful Laird and 
Chief of the entire line, and should his son Alexander 
Baillie of Trent, Sherborne, Dorset, fail of heirs male of 
this line, that the family of James Bruce Baillie who 
owns Dochfour and who belongs to a junior branch of 


Baillie of Dochfour, will be entitled to the chieftain- 
ship, and to bear the supporter-; to the Coat of Arms 
which at present Mr. Evan Baillie alone has the right 
to use. 

David Baillie, second son of Alexander Baillie. 
seventh Laird of Dunain, was the first Laird of Doch- 
four. His father bequeathed to him in 1657 the lands 
of Dochfour and Easter and Wester Dochain. He 
married first in 1629 Janet Patterson and had no issue. 
He married secondly in 1669 Margaret daughter of 
Hugh Fraser, eighth Lord Lovat and had: 

1. Alexander Baillie married in 1709 Hannah, 
daughter of *Fraser of Relig, and widow 
of James Grant of Shuglie and had the fol- 
lowing issue: 

1. Hugh Baillie of Dochfour married in 1730 
Emilia Fraser of Relig. 

2. Wm, Baillie of Rose Hall. Sutherland 
married Robina Mackay. 


This ancient family nearly related to Lord Lovat appears to have held this 
property in 1430. 

I. Alexander Fraser of Rulick married in 1601 a daughter of Wm. 
Douglas of Earls Mill and had a son (1) Alexander Fraser of 
Rulick who held. both estates and Wester Moniach. He married 
Catharine daughter of Wm. Mackenzie of Sildocfa and had 
a son and daughter: 

1. James of Rulick who died in 1722 and married daughter oi 

Fraser of Auchnagoin : 

2. Emilia Fraser married Hugh Baillie of Dochfour, 

James Fraser of Rulick, was born in 1713, and died 1755, son of preceding 
James married Margaret daughter of Edward Satchchoule of Warwick- 
shire and had Edward Satchchoule Fraser of Rulick born in 1751, and 
died in 1835, and in 1782 married .lane third daughter of Wm. Fraser of Hal 
main and had James Baillie Fraser born in 1783, and who married Jane 

Fraser, daughter of Lord W Ihouslie- He was succeeded by his widow 

Jane Fraser who was succeeded by Jane Anne Catharine Fraser, her 
sister-in-law and sister of lame- Baillie Fraser. She was born 1797, 
married Phillips Allied Fraser third son oi James Fraser of Culdathiel 
and had James Fraser, born 1820, died 1839, married Emma .lane daughter 
of Major Owen Grey twentieth regirnenl and had: 

1. Phillip- At'ih-et Fraser.born L845, present proprietor. 

'-'. James Baillie * »wen Flayer, born IE58. 


3. Evan Baillie of Abriachan (Sasines Regis- 
ter of Inverness 1769). 

4. David Baillie. 

5. Isabella Baillie married in 1722 John 
Grant of Torndow. 

Win. Baillie of Rose Hall or Rosshall, second son of 
Alexander Baillie and Hannah Fraser married Robina 
Mackay daughter of the Honorable Hugh Mackay and 
Elizabeth Mackay of Bighouse and had: 

1. General Sir Evan Baillie. 

2. General Charles Baillie. 

3. George Baillie, West Indian Merchant in 

Hugh Baillie of Dochfour, ehlest son of Alexander 
Baillie aud Hannah Fraser. married Emilia Eraser of 
Relig and had the following issue; 

I. Alexander Baillie of Dochfour, Colonel m 

the army, died 1798, unmarried. 

II. * James Baillie of Ealing Grove, Middlesex 
and Bedford Square London, born 1787, 
married Colin daughter and co-heiress of 
f Colin Campbell of Glenureanear relative 
of the Duke of Argyll and a descendant of 
the celebrated Cameron of Lochiel. Colin 
Campbell married Janet daughter and co- 
heiress of the Honorable JHugh Mackay of 

*NOTE.— See tombstone in the Grey Friars burying place, Inverness. 
Colin Campell of Glenure was murdered by the Clan Stewart a member of 
which Clan, Allan Brecht Stewart, was tried and executed for it, but the 
tradition in the family is that they hung the wrong man. See Stevenson's 
novel, "Kidnapped." 

tNOTE.-James Baillie died during the lifetime of his elder brother Alex 
ander at whose death the Dochfour estate passed by a testamentary trust 
deed to Evan the thirth son. 


This ancient family descended from the very old family- of Mackay of 
Strathuaver, a family descended from the Lord of the Isles and one from 
which the Lords Reay have descended, the celebrated General Hugh 
Mackay and others who have served their country so well. The lirst 


Bighouse, Member ofTafTiament Tor Hors- 
ham, brother of fourth Lord Reay, died 
September 7, 1793. 

III. Evan Baillie, of Dochfour, married Mary 
daughter of Peter Gurley. 

rV. Katharine Baillie married 1775 Provost 
Chisholm, second son of "The Chisholm." 

Laird of Bighouse of the name of Mackay was William Mackay, youngest 
son of Y. Mackay of Far, by his second wife Barbara Sinclair of Dim. 
He died in 1571. From him descended George Mackay of Bighouse who 
married Catharine, daughter of Ross of Kindeace and by her had a son 
who died unmarried and two daughters. 

I. Elizabeth Mackay married Hon. Hugh Mackay, second son of 
third Lord Reay, who thus became Laird of Bighouse and had 

issue : 

1. Hugh Mackay (captain) died unmarried. 

2. Janet Mackay married Colin Campbell of Glenure, a near relative 
of Earl of Breadalbane and Duke of Argyll, and descended from the 
celebrated Cameron of Lochiel. Married May 31,1749. 

3. Robina Mackay married William Baillie of Rosehall. 

4. Marian Mackay married her cousin George, afterward fifth 
Lord Reay. 

Janet Mackay and Colin Campbell had three daughters: 
1, Elizabeth, died unmarried. 

'_'. Louisa Campbell married George Mackay of Handa, afterward 
styled Colonel Mackay of Bighouse. Married June 11, 1768, had 
nine sons and twelve daughters who married into a number of 
families in north of Scotland. 
3. Colin Campbell married James Baillie, second son of Hugh 
Baillie of Dochfour and had issue: 
Colin Campbell Mackay, son of Louisa Mackay (who inherited Bighouse 
from her mother) and George Mackay succeeded to Bighouse, was Major 
78th Highlanders, married Margery, fifth daughter of Patrick Cruick- 
shank of Strathcaro and had an elder son: 

1. George Mackay of Bighouse married Anne Moore, daughter of 

Captain F. Campbell, second son of Alexander Campbell of Melfort 

Argyllshire, no issue. 

He was succeeded by his nephew, the eldest son of his brother James 

Cruickshank Mackay, second son of Colin Campbell Mackay, who married 

Margaret Anne, dauehter of Major McPherson of the Glentire family. 

Mad issue: 

I. Colin Campbell Mackay married k'osina Berry. No issue. 
'_'. Duncan Mackay married Marion Gordon Campbell, daughter of 
Captain Douglas Wimberley, late of 79th Cameron Highlanders, 
who was at the famous siege of Lucknow and a dependent of 
the ancient families of I rvine of Drum, t he 1 >ou glasses, Gordons oi 
Lesmoir Wimberley of South Wit ham and Bichfield and other 
ancient and noble lines, and had: 
1. James lie\ill Idereuay Markay. 

'_'. Douglas George Mackay. 

3. Helen Marion Mil'heisou Mackay. 


V. Isabella Baillie married Duncan Grant of 

VI. Hannah Baillie married James Fraser 
of Bellaclrum. 

VII. Christian Baillie married Duff of Muir- 


David Baillie fourth son of Alexander Baillie of 
Dochfour by Hannah, daughter of Eraser of Relig had: 
I. James Baillie born 1744, married 1784, 
Catharine daughter of Robert Gordon of 
Halkead, County Aberdeen, by Lady Hen- 
rietta Gordon daughter of the Earl of Aber- 
deen, died 1828, and had issue: 

1. David Baillie born 1785, married 1829 
Louisa daughter of General the Honorable 
Sir Win. Stewart, brother of the Earl of 
Galloway, by Frances daughter of John 
second son of the fourteenth Earl of Mor- 
ton, died June 1861. 

2. Anna Baillie married W. Maberly, she 
died 185S. 

David Baillie and Lady Louisa Stewart had issue: 

1. Wm. Henry Baillie born 1835, married, 
and had issue. 

2. Henry David Baillie of Rifle Brigade born 
1836, died 1858. 

3. Charles Hugh Baillie of seventh Hussars 
born 1S38. 

4. James William Baillie of Uston Grange, 
Lincolnshire late of Horse Guards, born 
1832, married 1860 Elizabeth Florence 
Magenis and had: 

1. Henry Thomas, James Baillie, born 1S65. 

2. Frederick David Baillie, born 1862 of 
fourth Hussars. 

3. Florence Evelyn Baillie, born 1864. 


4. Violet Maud Baillie, born 1870. 

5. Alexander Horatio Baillie, horn 1829. 

6. Frances Jane Baillie, born 1830, married 

C. 0. Wombwell, died 1876. 

7. -lane Katharine Baillie, born 1833, married 
Rev. H. R. Reynolds, died 1S74. 

Evan Baillie third son of Hugh Baillie of Dochfour 
by Emilia daughter of Fraser of Relig. born 1740. suc- 
ceeded to estate of Dochfour etc. by the testamentary 
trust deed of his deceased brother Alexander Baillie. 
Entered army inearly life. Served during part of 
American war, subsequently, became a West Indian 
merchant, and member of Parliament for Bristol, 
manied Mary daughter of Peter Gurley of St. Vincent, 
died 1S35, had issue: 

I. Peter Baillie married 1897 Elizabeth 

daughter of John Pinney, of Somerton, 
died 1812. 

II. Colonel Hugh Duncan Baillie, of Red 
Castle, which castle reverted to Dochfour 
in 1883. 

III. James Evan Baillie, member of Parlia- 
ment for Bristol, died 1863. 

IV. Maria Baillie. 

V. Amelia Baillie. 

I. Peter Baillie eldest son of Evan Baillie of 
Dochfour by Mary Gurley, and who married 
Elizabeth Pinney, had the following issue: 
1. Evan Baillie of Dochfour, born 1798, mar- 
ried first Charlotte Augusta, daughter of 
Venerable Charles Baillie Hamilton. Arch- 
deacon of Cleveland. She died 1822, s. p. 
when Mr. Evan Baillie married secondly 
October 11, 1823, Georgina Frederica Mon- 


tagu fourth daughter of William fifth Duke 
of Manchester. Succeeded his grandfather 
1835, died 1883. 
2. Frederick Baillie married Annie daughter 
and co-heiress of Colonel John Baillie of 
Leys and had two sons: 

1. John Baillie. 

2. Alexander Baillie. 
Died February 1865. 

8. Jane Billie married 1826, Honorable and 
Rev. B. W. Noel brother of Earl of (Tains- 
4. Mary Bail lie married first John Morritt 
of Rokeby; married second Captain George 
St. John Mildmay, R. N. 
Evan Baillie of Dochfour and Georgiua Frederica 
Montagu, daughter of Duke of Manchester, had issue: 

1. Evan Peter Montagu Baillie, born August 
1825, married 1855 Lady Frances Anne 
Bruce, daughter of Thomas, seventh Earl of 
Elgin, died November, 1S74, and left issue. 

2. William Montagu Baillie. born October 
11. 1827. married 1S59 Lady Theodosia Ger- 
trude Proby, daughter of fifth Earl of 
Carysfort, and had one son and three 

3. Caroline Eliza Baillie married December 
17. 1857, Lord Wynford. 

4. Georgiua Mary Baillie married 1S51 
Colonel the Honorable W. J. Colville. sec- 
ond son of the late General the Honorable 
Sir Charles Colville. G. C. B. 

5. Mary Emily Baillie married 1S56 F. H. 
Beaumont of Buckland Court, Surrey. 

Evan Peter Montagu Baillie, eldest son of Evan 
Baillie of Dochfour, by Georgiua Frederica Montagu, 



fourth daughter of fifth Duke of Manchester, married 
Lady Frances Anne Bruce, daughter of Thomas, sev- 
enth Earl of Elgin and had issue: 

1. James Bruce Baillie, owner of Dochfour, 
representative of a junior branch of that 
ilk, born August 8, 1859, married Honor- 
able Nelly Bass, only daughter of Lord Bur- 
ton, has issue two sons, first Baillie, 

second Baillie. 

2. Augustus Baillie, born March 2-~). J SGI. 

3. Albert Victor Baillie. born August 6, L864. 

4. Victoria Baillie, married Grant. 

•lames Baillie, second son of Hugh Baillie of Doch- 
four by Hannah, daughter of Fraser of Relig, married 
Colin Campbell and had the following issue: 

li A I 1. 1. IE OF FlIXEIGH. 



I. Alexander Baillie, born November IB, 

1777, died unmarried al Naples January 24, 

II. Hugh James Baillie, born L786, married 


Jessie, daughter of Henry Mills, Esq., of 
Lower Morden Surrey. 

III. Janet Baillie, born at Inverness, 1773, 
married Mathew Higgins of Renown, 
County Meath, and had: 

I. Mathew James Higgins. an eminent 
newspaper correspondent, who wrote under 
the title of "Jacob Omnium." He married 
Emily Blanche, widow of John Bennett, M. 
P., of Ryt House Wilts, and youngest 
daughter of Sir Henry Tichborne, Baronet. 

II. Alicia Higgins, Marehesa de Bugnano. 

III. Harriet Higgins, Baronessa Ciccarelli. 

IV. Amelia Higgins, Signora Pandola. 
All of above left issue. 

IV. Evan Hamilton Baillie of Gloucester 
Place, London, W., born 1790. In East 
India Company's Civil Service. Married 
Maria Ann, daughter of Thomas Morse, 
Esq., of Hinton Blewit Somerset, died 1857. 

V. Emelia Baillie, born 1771), married first, 
Samuel Peach of Pollard Place, London, 
and of Idlicott, Warwickshire, married 
second. Admiral Sir John Poo Beresford, 

VI. Colin Campbell Baillie, born 17S2, mar- 
ried Admiral Lloyd and had issue two 
sons and a daughter married to John Con- 
way Whithorne Lovesy, J. P. of Charlton 
Kings. Gloucestershire. 

Hugh James Baillie married Jessie Mills, and had 

1. Colin Campbell Baillie died without 
issue. • 

2. Alexander Baillie, born 1826, married 
Elise Melanie Marry, (daughter of the 


Chevalier Von Hymerle, major in Austrian 
army, cousin and sister-in-law of Baron 
Hymerle, Austrian chancellor at Berlin 
Conference. This family of Von Hymerle 
descend from the Royal House of Spain 
and is a most noble Austrian family.) 
(Died Oct. 6, 1876,) and had issue. 

1. Jessie Fraser Baillie. 

2. Mary Baillie married July, 1887, Captain 
Edmund Alexander Baillie. her cousin, by 
whom she had issue: 

1. Marion de Lacy Baillie, born Aug. 18, 
Evan Hamilton Baillie, (third son of James Baillie, 
second son of Hugh Baillie of Dochfour and Emilia 
Fraser of Relig, and Colin, daughter of Colin Campbell 
of Glen ure (a near relative of the Duke of Argyle and 
descended also from the celebrated Cameron of 
Lochiel) by Janet Mackay, daughter of the Honorable 
Hugh Mackay, second son of third Lord Reay,) mar- 
ried Maria Ann, daughter of Thomas Morse, Esq., and 
had issue: 

I. James Keith Baillie, died aged 18 years. 

II. Evan Baillie of Filleigh, Chudleigh, Devon. 
England, born May, 7, 1816, married Louisa 
Mary, only daughter of Henry Kidd Jones. 
Esq., of East India Board of Control, and 
of Hern Hill, Surrey, and had issue: Mr. 
Evan Baillie who is the representative head 
in male line of the Baillies of Lamington, 
Dunain and Dochfour, branches of the 
ancient family of de Balleul or de Baliol. 
now called Baillie, is the direct lineal de- 
scendant of the Great Wallace, and of the 
Royal line of Scotland through the Set on 


III. Hamilton Baillie, born 1822, married Ellen 
Maria, daughter of Rev. George Traherne 
of St. Hiliary, Glamorganshire. 

IV. Amelia Baillie, died aged 18 years. 

V. Dora Paulina Baillie, married Lt. General 
Sir Thomas Westrop MacMahon, Baronet. 
No issue. 

VI. Maria Henrietta Baillie married John Mar- 
tin of the Upper Hall Ledbury (representa- 
tive of an old Worcestershire and Here- 
fordshire family). 

Maria Henrietta Baillie, eldest daughter of Evan 
Hamilton Baillie, third son of James second son of 
Hugh Baillie of Dochfour, married John Martin of the 
Upper Hall, Ledbury Herefordshire, (representative 
of an old Worcestershire and Herefordshire family) 
and of Lombard St. London (Senior Partner in Mar- 
tins Bank) died, leaving issue: 

I. Waldyve Alex, Hamilton Martin, married 

first Georgina daughter of Captain Hains, 
second Frances daughter of Hanbury Wil- 
liams of Colebrook Mon. and has issue 
four sons. 

II. Hugo Hamilton Martin married daughter 
of Coventry Esq. and has issue: 

III. John Evan Hamilton Martin, married 
Ethel daughter of R. Long Esq., of Rood 
Ashton Wilts, and has issue. 

IV. Edith Hamilton Martin married Colonel 
Evelyn Martin, and has issue. 

V. Ada Hamilton Martin married G. Wellesley 
Esq. and has issue. 

VI. Nora Hamilton Martin married C. H. 
Palairex Esq. of Westhill Herefordshire 
and has issue. 

VII. Dora Hamilton Martin died unmarried. 


VIII. *Frances Hamilton Martin married 
Captain Edmund Alexander Baillie Esq. Jr. 
of Filleigh, Chudleigh, Devon England, 
leaving issue. 
I. Colin Nora Baillie born September 6, 1885. 
Evan Baillie of Filleigh, Chudleigh, Devon England 
eldest surviving son of Evan Hamilton Baillie of Glou- 
cester and Maria Ann daughter of Thomas Morse of 
Hinton Blewit, Sumerset, married Louisa Mary only 
daughter of Henry Kidd Jones of Honorable East 
India Board of Control and had issue: 

1. Amy Gertrude born March 31, 1852, Head 

of a Convent of Benedictine Nuns. 

2. Captain Edmund Alexander Baillie, born 

June 19th, 1854, late Captain of Sussex Light 
Infantry etc., married first Frances Hamil- 
ton daughter of John Martin of the Upper 
Hall Ledbury, Herefordshire, and of Berk- 
ley Square, Lombard St. London, and had 
1. Colin Nora Baillie born September G, 1885. 
Captain Baillie married secondly Mary, daughter of 
Alexander Baillie, and Elise Melanie Mary, daughter 
of the Chevalier Von Hymerie. Alexander Baillie 
whose daughter Mary married Captain Baillie was 
the son of Hugh Baillie and Jessie Mills, son of James 
Baillie and Colin Campbell. By his second marriage 
Captain Baillie had: 

1. f Marion de Lacy Baillie born Aug. 18. 1S89. 

8. Evan Hamilton Baillie, born Oct. 4. 1856. 

Hamilton Baillie born in 1812, third son of Evan 

Hamilton Baillie, and brother of Evan Baillie of 

Filleigh, Chudleigh. Devon, married Ellen Maria, 

\i >TK. Frances Hamilton Martin died October l". . 1885, 
l-NOTE. Named after her ancestress Marion Braidfoot, wife of Sir Wui. 


daughter of Rev. George Traherne of St. Hiliary, 
Glamorganshire, and had issue. 

1. Hamilton Traherne Baillie married Ada 
Haddock, daughter of Haddock, Esq., in 
Government appointment of Fijii. 

2. Baillie married. 

3. Dora Baillie. 

Hamilton Traherne Baillie and Ada Haddock had: 

1. Dorothy Baillie. 

2. Ellen Baillie. 

It would appear that tho' Red Castle reverted by 
terms of entail to Baillie of Dochfour that Col. Hugh 
Duncan Baillie of Red Castle by a second marriage 
left surviving issue: 

I. Colonel Hugh Baillie of the Blues who mar- 

ried Miss Glentworth and had a daughter. 

II. Colonel Duncan Baillie of the Blues mar- 
ried Miss Burnaby (sister of Fred Burnaby 
of Baloon and Kiva notoriety, in Guards 
killed in Egypt) and left issue two daugh- 
ters and sons. 



The ancient family of Chisholm (The Chisholm) 
descends from the Earl of Athole, the last representa- 
tive of Donald Bane, King of Scotland, and this fami- 
ly is one of the early Celtic families of old Scotland. 
We also see that this family descends from the Kings 
of Norway through Harald and that Robert de Chis- 
holm married a daughter of Sir Henry Lauder and 
had a son, Robert de Chisholm, from whom 
descended Alexander de Chisholm who married 
Margaret de la Ard, domina de Erchless. daughter of 
Alexander de V Ard and Matilda, only daughter by 
his first wife, of Sir Malise Sparr who married a 
daughter of the Earl of Orkney, daughter of Earl 
Rognwald who died 1158, son of Einar, Earl of Ork- 
ney, son of Rognwald, Earl of Moeri,by Hilda, daugh- 
ter of Rolf Naefia. Rognwald, Earl of Moeri was son 
of Eystein Grlumre of Royal line of Norway. Sir Malise 
Sparr and the daughter of the Earl of Orkney had 
Malise. Earl of Stratherne, Orkney and Caithness 
whose daughter Matilda de Stratherne married Wey- 
land de l'Ard, Baron of the Ard, and had a son Lord 
Alexander de l'Ard, whose daughter Margaret 
de J'Ard, domina de Erchless, married Alexander 
de Chisholm and had Thomas de Chisholm, whose 
son Wiland de Chisholm acquired the lands of Comar. 
Thus we see this ancient family is descended from 
the Kings of Scotland, Norway, and the last 
Stratherne Earl of Orkney, as well as from the an- 
cient family of the Ard and that beside all this noble 


and royal line of descent they descend from the old 
family of Mcintosh, and therefore the celebrated thane 
of Macduff, as also the McKenzies of Gairloch, Tarbat, 
Red Castle, Earl of Seaforth, the McLeans, McLeods, 
Grants, Frasers, McDonalds of Moidart and Glengarry, 
as well as other lines. Jane Chisholm of this ancient 
line married Sir Kenneth McKenzie of Coul and had 
beside others Jane McKenzie, who married Alexander 
Baillie IX of Dunain, and had beside others Kenneth 
Baillie who married Isabel Chisholm of Comar of same 
family, and had beside others Colonel Kenneth Baillie, 
who went to Georgia, became an eminent man, mar- 
ried, it is presumed, Elizabeth Mackay, probably a 
near relative of Captain James Mackay of Strathy 
Hall in Georgia, who, there is every reason to believe, 
was of the ancient family of Mackay of Strathnaver, 
some of them having gone to Georgia. Col. Kenneth 
Baillie and Elizabeth Mackay had, beside others, Ann 
Elizabeth Baillie. born September 27, o. s., 1749, mar- 
ried at Sunbury, September 5, 1765, Dr. John Irvine, 
son of Charles Irvine of Cults and Euphemia Douglass 
of Tilwhilly. She died July 28, 1807, and among 
others left a daughter, Anne Irvine, who married 
James Bulloch and had issue: 

I. John Irvine Bulloch married Charlotte Glen. 

II. James Stephens Bulloch married Hester 
Elliott, second Martha Stewart. 

III. Jane Bulloch married John Dunwody. 



The ancient family of Seaton or Seyton, taking its 
name from a family who lived in a town by the Sea, 
is one of the most ancient and noble, gallant and 
chivalrous families in Scotland, for besides their own 
noble descent they are directly descended from many 
of the most noble families in the land, and also from 
the Royal Houses of Scotland, England. France and 
Castile, and many are the gallant deeds performed by 
this royal race, one of whom, was the friend and com- 
panion of Mary, Queen of Scots. The first on record 
of this family was Dugald Seton, who flourished in 
the 11th century and was succeeded by his son Alex- 
ander de Seton, whose son, Philip cle Seton. married 
a daughter of Waldene, Earl of Dunbar, and had Sir 
Alexander de Seton, who married a (laughter of Wal- 
ter de Barclay, Chamberlain to King William 1. and 
had Serlo or Secher cle Seton, whose son was Sir 
Alexander de Seton, wdio had Sir Christopher de 
Seton, who married Christian Bruce, daughter of 
Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick of the Royal House of 
Scotland, descended from the Royal Houses of Eng- 
land, France and Spain. Sir Christopher Seton and 
Christian Bruce had Sir Alexander Seton. who mar- 
ried Christian, daughter of Cheyne of Straloch, and 
had Margaret Seton who married Alan de Wyntown, 
of same line and ancestor of the Earl of Winton. 
The issue of this marriage was Sir William Seton, 
10th Feudal Lord of Seton. who married Catharine 
St. Clair, daughter or granddaughter of Sir William 


Sinclair of Herdmandstone, son of St. Clair, Earl of 
Orkney. This earl married Isabella, daughter of Sir 
Malise Sparr, Earl of Stratherne, who married Isa- 
bella, Countess of Orkney, daughter of Earl Magnus, 
a descendant of Rogenwald, Earl of Maire & Kandal 
of the Royal House of Norway, and thus descends 
"The Lordly line of High Sinclair.'' Of this mar- 
riage of Catharine Sinclair and Sir William 
Seton, a daughter Isabel was born, who married 
Sir William Baillie of Hoprig, son of Sir William 
Baillie and Marion, daughter of the Great Sir 
William Wallace. Thus united the ancient baronial 
family of Baillie. to the Wallaces, Setons, Sinclairs, 
Barclays, Earl of Dunbar, and to the royal houses of 
Scotland. England, France, Spain and Norway, and 
therefore in the veins of the Baillies of Dunain, Doch- 
four and their descendants does the best blood of the 
land course. Sir William Baillie of Hoprig and Isa- 
bel Seton had, among others, an elder son, Alexander 
Baillie, who fled to Inverness, Scotland, and in 1452 
was rewarded by his cousin, the Earl of Huntley, for 
gallant services, with the barony of Dunain and other 
rands in Invernesshire. His sister married the ninth 
Earl of Sutherland, and he, Alexander Baillie, mar- 
lied Catherine, daughter of Sir Duncan Grant, chief 
of the clan of Grant, and thus was the progenitor of 
the ancient baronial family of Baillie of Dunain. 

George Seton, the first Lord Seton of this line of 
the Setons, Lords or Peers of Parliament, in contra- 
distinction to the Feudal Lords, was probably a 
brother of Sir William Seton, the tenth Feudal Lord 
of Seton, who married Catherine Sinclair. George 
Seton. first lord, married Lady Margaret Stewart, 
daughter of John Earl of Buchan and Constable of 
France, who married Elizabeth Douglas, daughter of 
Archibald Douglas, the fourth earl, and Duke of Tou- 


raine in France, son of Archibald the Grim Earl, by 
Joanna, daughter of Randolph Moray of Bothwell, a 
nephew of Robert Bruce. Archibald Douglas, Duke 
of Touraine, and fourth Earl of Douglas (descended 
from the ancient house of the name, and 
from the Corny ns of Badenoch, descended from 
the Earl of Northumberland and from King 
John Baliol)' married Margaret, daughter of 
Robert Third of Scotland. George First Lord Seton 
and Lady Margaret Stewart had John Seton, deceased, 
before his father, who married Christian Lindsay, 
daughter of John, Lord- Lindsay of Byres and had 
George Seton Second Lord who married Lady Margaret 
Campbell, daughter of Colin, first Earl of Argyll, by 
Isobel Stewart daughter of John Lord of Lorn. The 
first Earl of Argyll was son of Archiball Campbell, son 
of Sir Duncan Campbell, by Lady Majory Stewart, 
daughter of Robert, Duke of Albany. Sir Duncan 
Campbell was son of Sir Archiball Campbell by Marga- 
ret second daughter of Sir John Drummond of Stob- 
hall the latter Sir Archibald Campbell was son of Sir 
Colin who married a daughter of the Lennox family, 
and Sir Colin Campell was the son of Sir Neil Camp- 
bell and Margaret sister of Robert Bruce, King of 
Scotland. Sir Neil Campbell being the son of Sir Co- 
lin Campbell who married a Sinclair. Thus does the 
line of Seton combine the blood of the Douglasses, 
Comyns, Baliols, Morays. Campbells, Sinclairs and 
the Royal House of Scotland in many ways. George 
Seton second Lord, and Lady Margaret Campbell, 
had George Seton, third Lord, who married Lady Janet 
Hepburn, daughter of Patrick first Earl of Both- 
well, and had George Seton, fourth Lord Seton, who 
married Elizabeth Hay, daughter of John Lord Hay 
of Fester, of the ancient and noble family of Hay or 
De Haya, and had Beatrix Seton, who married Sir 


George Ogilvie of Dunlugus, and Laird of Banff, an- 
cestor of Lord Banff of the ancient family of Ogilvie, 
descended from the Earl of Angus, and other lines 
also probably from the Sinclairs, Earls of Orkney. 
Sir George Ogilvie and Beatrix Seton had Janet Ogil- 
vie, who married William Forbes of Tolquohon, and 
had among others Thomas Forbes of Watertown, who 
married Jean, daughter of David Ramsay of Balmain, 
son of William Ramsey and Miss Strachan, son of Sir 
John Ramsay, Lord Bothwell. Of this union, among 
others, was Grizel Forbes, who married John Douglass 
of Tilquhillie, and of most ancient, noble and royal 
blood, descended from the Douglasses of Dalkeith, 
Princess Elizabeth, Abernethys of Salton, Grahams of 
Fintry, Erskines of Dun and other noble lines. John 
Douglass of Tiluhilly and Grizel Forbes had John 
Douglas, who married Agnes Horn, daughter of James 
Horn, Vicar of Elgin, and Isabel Leslie, daughter of 
John Leslie of Pitcapel, who married Agnes Ramsay 
Balmain. John Douglass and Agnes Horn had among 
others: Euphemia Douglass who on June 7th, 1733, 
married Charles Irvine of Cults, son of Robert Irvine 
and Margaret Coutts, son of John Irvine of Murthiil, 
by a daughter of Irvine of Fortrie, son of Gilbert Ir- 
vine of Colairlie, and Jean Menzies of Pitfodels, son of 
Alexander Irvine of Drum and Elizabeth Ogilvie. 
Charles Irvine of Cults and Euphemia Douglass had 
among others: Dr. John Irvine who went to the col- 
ony of Georgia before 1765 and there married Ann 
Elizabeth Bail lie, daughter of Colonel Kenneth Bail- 
lie of the Dunain family, and had Anne Irvine, who 
married Captain James Bulloch, of illustrious lineage, 
and had beside others John Irvine Bulloch, eldest son, 
who married Charlotte Glen, daughter of Chief Jus- 
tice John Glen and Sarah, daughter of Dr. Noble 
Wymberley Jones, and had Dr. William Gaston Bui- 


loch, a distinguished surgeon and physician, and had: 

I. Joseph Gaston *Baillie Bulloch. 

II. R. H. -Bolton Bulloch. 

III. Emma Hamilton *Grordon Bulloch, and 
others dead. 

Joseph Gaston Baillie Bulloch married Eunice Hel- 
ena Cloud Bulloch and had: 

1. Archibald Irvine De Veaux Bulloch. 

2. William Gaston Glen Bulloch. 

3. Douglass Eugene St. Cloud Bulloch. 

It will be seen that the Bullochs of Georgia, beside 
their own honorable descent, descend from the Bail- 
lies of Dunain, Douglasses of Tilquhillie, Irvine of 
Cults and Drum, with all their ancient, noble and 
royal lines of descent, such as the Douglasses, Setons, 
Campbells, Wallaces, Sinclairs, Earls of Orkney, Gor- 
dons of Lesmoir, Forbes. Ogilvies and many others. 


Sir William Wallace and Marion Braidfoot. 
To the Editor of "Society:" 

Sir: — Referring to some remarks in your issue of 
the 1st inst., lately brought to my notice, on the 
lineage of the late "First Baron Lamington," 1 shall 
feel obliged if you will permit me to make the follow- 
ing observations: 

Lord Lamington was the desceudent of the illus- 
trious Sir William Wallace, and it is correct to say 
that "by descent of inheritance" to her property, he 
was the representative of Marion Braidfoot, who was 
married to Sir William Wallace, and by the marriage 
of their only child with William de Baliol of Hoprig, 
Penston.and Carnbrae (father of the First Sir William 
Baillie) brought the Lamington estates, to which she 

\ , 1 , l . -. I these names recently as they descend i i these families. 


was heiress, into the Baillie family, but it is mislead- 
ing, if not actually incorrect to say that Lord Lam- 
ington succeeded by "an unbroken inheritance," 
because not only was Lord Lamington not considered 
at the Herald's office to be a Wallace, as you observe, 
but neither was he, correctly speaking, a Baillie, inas- 
much as his descent was only through the female line, 
and that broken no less than five times. But before 
deciding on Lord Lamington's title to be considered 
"the representative of this lady" — Marion Braidfoot — 
it is to be noted that her great grandson had four 
sons, Alexander, David, John and William, and that 
it is from the last named and youngest that Lord 
Lamington descends, according to Burke and other 
authorities, whilst the eldest, Alexander, having set- 
ted in Invernesshire, had several sons, from whom 
descended the houses of Dunain, Dochfour and Leys, 
and has never lacked a male representative to the 
present day. The eldest branch Dunain, having ter- 
minated with the death of the late William Baillie of 
that ilk, April 4, 1869, that of Dochfour succeeded to 
the headship, and of that branch the writer, though 
not the owner of the Dochfour estates, is unquestion- 
ably the head, being the great grandson, and now the 
representative, of Hugh Baillie, third laird of Doch- 
four, who by his marriage with Emelia Fraser of 
Relig. had three sons, viz: First, Alexander who died 
without issue; second, James the writers grandfather, 
and third. Evan, to whom, through some family ar- 
rangement, the Dochfour estates passed, over the 
heads of James' three sons, James having predeceased 
his elder brother. 

This James married Colin, daughter of *Colin 
Campbell, of Glenure, by Janet, his wife, daughter 
and co-heiress of the Hon. Colonel Hugh Mackay of 
Bighouse, (brother of Fourth Lord Reay) and had 



three sons and three daughters; (*died September 
7th, 1792. See monument in the old Grey Friars' 
Burial Ground. Inverness). 

In virtue of this descent the writer claims the hon- 
or of being now the representative of the first Sir 
William Baillie— son of the William de Baliol, who 
married the only child of Sir William Wallace and 
Marion Braidfoot. his wife — and, consequently, to be 
that lady's geneological representative also, as w T ell as 
the head of all the Bail lies who descend from that 
marriage, and, as such, entitled (in Scotland) to sup- 
porters — ''two boars proper" — to his coat of arms. 
To put oneself thus forward jars harshly with one's 
sense of modesty, and ill accords with a long life of 
voluntary retirement; but when an ancient and hon- 
orable lineage is in danger of obscuration it seems to 
the writer, now old, to be less than a plain duty — for 
his sons' and grandchildren's sake (as also for his 
brother's and his sons') — to step out for a moment 
from his seclusion, and subscribe himself, your obedi- 
ent servant, Evan Baillie, of Filleigh, Chudleigh, 
Devon, March 10th, 1890. 

P. S. The name is first found in its English form. 
Baillie, in the list of captives made after the battle at 
Neville's Cross, near Durham, in which Sir William 
Baillie was engaged on the side of King David II, 
of Scotland, and taken prisioner with the King in 

Inverness, August, 24, 1895. 

Memorandum regarding the Baillies <>f Ounain, and their relatives in 
the Stale of Georgia. 



I have read Dr. Bulloch's letters to Captain 
Douglas Wimberley, with much interest, and am 

delighted to see with what kindly feeling the 
descendants of those so long severed from Scot- 


land look to the place of their origin, and to 
their predecessors. 

What is desired by Dr. Bulloch, is to identify 
his family with that of Dunain and he further 
wishes that the descent of the Baillies of Lam- 
ington and Dunain should be had from the 
earliest date. 

He makes reference to a Mr. James Baillie 
whom he calls of "Biggar" which is a town not 
very far from Glasgow, who visited Georgia 
sometime a,go and whom Dr. Bulloch saw but 
at the time did not take much interest in his 
genealogy. This was a pity, as this Mr. Baillie 
who is no doubt the same known as James 
William Baillie of Culter Allers, took a great in- 
terest in, and had much knowledge of the his- 
tory of the Baillies. I have met and corres- 
ponded with Mr. Baillie now deceased, who 
told me he had been to Georgia and had been 
chiefly interested in seeking out his connec- 
tions, the Mackintoshes, chiefly the descend- 
ants of John Mor Mackintosh, also my relatives. 

For the history of the Baillies from the Con- 
quest down to the late Cochrane Baillie, after- 
wards first Lord Lamington, Mr. James Bail- 
lie drafted a work called "Lives of the Bail- 
lies" and issued as a draft in 1872, some copies 
to such as he thought might assist him to 
frame a complete and exhaustive work. The 
copy sent me I herewith lend, to be re- 
turned carefully. It is but a draft and so far 
as I am aware Mr. Baillie did not live to publish 
a complete work. In this print will be found 
a pretty full list of the Lamington Baillies. the 
male line breaking as will be seen on more than 
one occasion. 



In this account as there is only the slightest 
reference to the Baillies of Invernesshire or 
Baillies of the North, I proceed to give the line- 
age of the Baillies of Dunain, the parent stock 
as contained in a holograph memorandum by 
Colonel John Baillie, thirteenth of Dunain, who 
died at Kilkenny in the year 1797, and who. 
after his return from the East Indies in 17S4, 
interested himself much in the consolidation of 
the family estates, and collecting materials of 
their history. 

j For the sake of brevity except in 

one or two cases, the names of the 
respective heads are only given. 
In 1452, or about that time, Alexander 
Baillie, son of Lamington, settled 
in the North and at Dunain. and mar- 
ried Catherine, daughter of Sir Dun- 
can Grant, Chief of the Grants. Their 
eldest son, Alexander, dying without 
issue, the succession opened to the 
second son William who, in turn, was 
wiiiiam. David ist of succeeded by his son Alexander, the 

Douchfour. J 

Li! third Dunain. This Alexander had 

Alexander. Mary. 

I two sons David, his successor, and 

wiiiiam. joim. Kenneth. Thomas, styled of Corsehall, whose 
1" issue is extinct. David, fourth Du- 

nain. married the fourth daughter of 
the very ancient house of Rose of 
Kilravock. Their children were Alex- 
ander, fifth Dunain. and William, 
sixth, which last succeeded his 
brother, was Provost of Inverness and repre- 
sented the Burgh in the Scottish Parliament. 
William married Catherine, daughter of Munro 
of Foulis, also a very ancient family, with three 



Catherine Grant of Grant 

Alexr. William 

David. Thomas. 

^__ 6 

Alexander. William. 


Alexander. JameB. John 


William. John. 





sons, Alexander. James and John. Alexander, 
the younger Dunain, married another Cather- 
ine Munro of the family of Milntown in 
the County of Ross, with at least two 
sons and one daughter, William, his suc- 
cessor, eighth Dunain, David, first of Doch- 
four, of whom the present family of Dochfour, 
and Catherine married to Colonel Hugh Eraser 
of Kinneries. William the Eigth Dunain 
married Isobel, daughter of Duncan Forbes, 
First of Culloden and had two sons, Alex, his 
successor the Ninth Dunain and William Bail- 
lie, Commissary of Inverness, and several 
daughters, the eldest of whom was Mary, mar- 
ried to William Mackintosh of Borlum 1656, 
3rd of his house, and 3rd in descent, from 
Wiliam Mackintosh 1st of Borlum, second son of 
Lachlan Mor, 16th of Mackintosh, and of Bessie 
[lines of *Innemarkie, Cadet of limes of Innes. 
William Mackintosh and Bessie Innes were 
married in 1595, and in both, and in their own 
rights, flowed the blood royal of England and 
Scotland. Alexander the 9th Dunain married 
Jane, daughter of Sir Kenneth Mackenzie of 
Coul. Their children were William, 10th 
Dunain, John Baillie in Torbreck, Kenneth 
Baillie of whom afterwards, and two daughters, 
one married to Grant of Clenmoriston and the 
other to Grant of Clury. This Alexander pre- 
deceased his father. The eldest son William. 
10th Dunain, married first Mary daughter of 

*NOTE— Sir John Stewart of Lorn and Innermeath had Sir John Stew- 
art, tailed t lie Black Knight of Lorn, third son, who married Joanna, 
Queen Dowager of King James I. and daughter of John, Duke of Lancas- 
ter, son of King Edward [IL.and had Sir John Stewart of Balvenie, who 
married Margaret, daughter of Archibald, fifth Karl of Douglas. 

Sir John Stewart was created in 1457 Earl of Athole. His daughter, 
Elspel Stewart, married Robert limes of Innermarkie. 


Provost William Duff of Inverness, with one 
son William who predeceased his father and 
one daughter Mary married to John, son of 
Commissary Baillie. By his second marriage 
with Commissary Baillies daughter Helen, 
William Baillie had Alexander. Uth I hum in. 
David Baillie and Magdalen, second wife of Sir 
Archibald Campbell of Climes. Alexander, 11th 
Dunain, married, 1737, Anne, daughter of said 
Sir Archibald Campbell by Anna Macpherson 
of Cluny. his first wife, with issue William, 12th 
Dunain, Colonel E. I. Co. service, died at Ser- 
ingapatam, 1782, unmarried, John, also Colonel, 
who succeeded as 13th Dunain, who in turn 
was succeeded by his son William, 14th and 
last male of the direct line of Dunain. He died 
in 1S69, and after his death, the estate was in- 
herited and sold by his next of kin. two daugh- 
ters and a grand-daughter of his sister Kathe- 
rine, first wife of the late Col. Hugh Rose of 

1 now revert to Dr. Bulloch's account. He 
states that a Kenneth Baillie emigrated to 
Georgia in 1735 with General Oglethorpe, and 
that his first wife's name was Elizabeth, that lie 
hadsonsKenneth, Alexanderand Roberl Carnibe 
Baillie, also daughters, one married to Mr. An- 
drew Darling, that his widow had a plantation 
called "Dunain", and Kenneth's family were ac- 
counted as being of the Scottish Dnnain's and 
also connected with the Chisholms. 

The papers in my possossion connected with 
Dunain have been examined, and without be- 
ing able to establish the propinquity so suffi- 
ciently as to satisfy a Court of Law, y el the re- 
sult has certainly been to connect the family in 


Georgia with that of Baillie of Danain in Scot- 

I make the Kenneth Baillie who emigrated 
to have been, son to the Kenneth Baillie before 
mentioned, younger son of Alexander, the 9th 
Dunain. Kenneth Baillie's contract of marri- 
age, dated 17th and 22nd December. 1702, exists. 
He is described as brother-german to William 
Baillie of Dunain and he William and John 
Baillie in Torbreck, are described as his, Ken- 
neth's, brother-german and cautioners for him. 
The lady was Isobel Chisholm. daughter of 
the late Alexander Chisholm of Comar with 
consent to her marriage, of John Chisholm 
now of Comar, her brother-german. Thus it is 
certain that Kenneth Baillie's descendants 
were closely connected with the Chisholms — Dr. 
Bulloch says that Kenneth, who may for dis- 
tinction be called Kenneth the Second, died in 
1766, and that he was born about 1700. This 
tallies with his father's and mother's Contract 
dated 1702. 

There is one paper without date but written 
probably about 1748, in which it is mentioned 
that Kenneth the First "died in November 1705, 
leaving behind children of the marriage" es- 
tablishing that he left children, and that he 
must have died when they were infants, and to 
some extent explains why no after reference to 
to him or his children is found in the papers 
1705-1735, but the widow Isobel Chisholm was 
alive in 1738. 

The next paper found is a letter from Mrs. 
Elizabeth Baillie, dated Sunbury, Georgia, 28th. 
March 1767, addressed "To the Lady Dunain, by 
"favour of Mr. Andrew Darling," the usual 


mode of addressing Mrs. Bail lie, wife of the 
Proprietor of Dimain Estate. The letter speaks 
for itself and establishes an intimate connection 
of Dimain with that of the family of her, Mrs. 
Elizabeth Baillie's, husband The letter also 
shows that she had a son-in-law, Mr. Andrew 
Darling, and the letter must have been handed 
by him to Lady Dunain, for it is not marked 
with the name of any packet or Post Office. 
It may be mentioned that the letter is not in 
the handwriting of Elizabeth Balllie, merely 
signed by her, and the signature denotes the 
writing of a middle aged, educated lady. 

Next is an important letter from Robert Car- 
nibe Baillie to Alexander Baillie of Dunain, 
whom Robert calls "uncle" although it may 
have been addressed and used only as an affec- 
tionate appellation towards an elderly relative 
standing to him, Robert, while in Scotland in 
loco parentis. Alexander had no brother leav- 
ing male issue, though his father (William) was 
Robert's great uncle. The letter which is ad- 
dressed "To Alexander Baillie Esq., of Dunain, 
N. Britain," came by" the Dwarf" packet, and 
through the post, is holograph of Robert and 
dated Sunbnry 3, February, 1770, also speaks 
for itself. It would appear that Robert had re- 
turned from Scotland, and judging from the 
large sprawling hand it would betaken for that 
of a schoolboy, sent to Scotland for his educa- 
tion were it not that he refers to his father-in- 
law indicating his being a married man. 
Robert refers to his mother, brother, and to two 
sisters, each with two children, all corroborative 
of Dr. Bulloch's information regarding the 
family, and indeed the particularity of his 


second name "Carnibe" would serve to identify 
him among thousauds. This name I take to be 
a proper one, and although T never heard of it 
otherwise, conclude it is either the name of a 
plantation in Georgia, or the surname of one of 
the many emigrants who accompanied General 
Oglethorpe and named Carnibe who formed 
an intimacy with Kenneth Baillie the Second. 
Copies of these letters are herewith sent for 
Dr. Bulloch's use and retention, and I am happy 
to think that his views are completely made 

(Signed) C. Fraser Mackintosh. 

(Copy letter from Mr. Robert C. Baillie to Alexan- 
der Baillie, Esq., of Dunain). 
Dear Uncle: 

I arrived at Savannah after a passage of 
two months and two weeks, but I kept my 
health very well ever since I left Scotland, and 
I hope all of you are the same. We were three 
duys coming from Scotland, and just luckily, as 
we were going up the Thames, we saw Captain 
Anderson's ship lying ready to sail in the after- 
noon, but as luck happened, I got on board the 
ship. 1 did not go further than Gravesend. 
and so I lost the sight of London, but 1 thought 
myself much luckier to catch the ship. I staid 
about three clays at Savannah before I went 
home and when [ went there none of them 
knew me but Mr. Darling. My sisters have two 
very good children, each. My father-in-law is 
very kind to me and he will do good to me, for 
which I am much obliged to him for it. Dear 
uncle, I hope you'll send me word if you hear 
from any of your sons, how they are. You'll 


give my compliments to Mr. and Mrs. Duff, and 
all enquiring friends. My mother is much ob- 
liged to you and your lady for your kindness 
to me while I was in Scotland. My mother, 
brothers, and sisters, join me in their love to 
you and all your family. 

I am, dear uncle, 
Your affectionate nephew, 
(Signed) Robt. Carnibe Baillie. 

Sunbury, the 3d February. 1770. 
P. S. You'll tell Frank that I am very well. 
[ am put with Mr. Darling and Mr. Munro in 
Sunbury for to be a merchant. 

(Copy letter from Mrs. Elizabeth Baillie, Sunbury in 
Georgia, to the Lady Dunain). 

The uncommon civility my children received 
from my husband's friends, and particularly 
your family, lays me under the greatest obliga- 
tions such as I fear, I can never have in my 
power to retaliate in so remote a corner of the 
world as this. 

As the opportunity of my son-in-law Mr. 
Darling's going home, L thought I could do 
nothing less than acknowledging your kindness, 
and begging you would please accept of a pat- 
tern silk herewith sent. With my kindest love 
to you and family believe me, dear madam. 
Your much obliged servant. 
(Signed) Elizabeth Baillie. 

Sunbury in Georgia, 26th March. 1767. 

There seems to be three families of whom pedigrees 


Baillie of Inverness (Dochfour) ) see catalogue 

t • 1/-1 t 1 ( of P rinte d peil- 

Baillie of Jarviswood, Countv Lanark. M*™ 6 *; B - M \ 

1 Bibliography 

Baillie of Reclcastle, County Ross. J stand - 

From the Gentlemen's Magazine: 

1789. Died at Jamaica, Samuel Crookshonks Baillie, Esquire-. 
1789. September 19, died at Clarendon, Jamaica, Mr. James Baillie, Sur- 

1791. January 4, died at Boulogne, sur. mer., aged 88, Alexander Baillie, 

of Inverness. Knight of the order of St. Louis and Captain in 
the French service. He left a widow and one daughter. Having 
followed the fortunes of King James II, he thereby forfeited his 

1792. Married was Mathew Baillie, Esq., of Cairnbroe, Captain Thir- 

teenth Dragoons, to Miss A. Ramsay, daughter of William 
Ramsey, Esq., of Barnton. 

1793. September 7. Died at his seat at Ealing Grove, Middlesex, James 

Baillie, Esq., M. P. for Horsham, Sussex, and agent for the Island 

of Grenada. He was a merchant at Eustatia when the island 

was taken, and accummulated immense wealth, chiefly invested 

in Grenada. 
1793. September 11, died Mr. Frederick Baillie, aged 25, second son of Mr. 

William Baillie of the stamp office. 
1793. William Baillie, Esq., of Polkemmet, was appointed Senator of 

the College of Justice of Scotland, and had been sheriff depute of 

1798. Sir Ewen Baillie, Lieut. -Colonel of East India Company's Army, 

1798. Mackay Hugh Baillie to be Colonel. 

1799. Died at Bath, October 08, Alexander Baillie, Esq., of Dochfour, 

1799. Died at Mellerstain House, the Hon. Mrs. Baillie, relict of Hon. 
George Baillie of Jarviswood. 

1799. Married was James Baillie of Bedford Square, London, to Mrs. 


1800. Died at Edinbro', Miss Grizel Baillie, eldest daughter of late Hon. 

George Baillie of Jarviswood. 
1800. Died at Edinbro', Catherine Baillie, daughter of the late Thomas 

B., of Polkemmet, and relict of Andrew Wardson of Turbanchill. 
1802. February 12, died in Finsbury Square, London, the wife of Alex. 

Francis Baillie of the Royal Navy. 
1802. July 23, at Xormandby Hall, Cleveland, Lady X. Baillie, of a 

1802. Evan Baillie was M. P. for Bristol. 

1802. Died at Chelsea, London, Captain Thomas Baillie, at one time 

Lieut.-Governor of Greenwich hospital. 
1N02. Died at Conden, near Dalkeith, Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander 

Baillie of the Fifty-eighth Foot. 
1«03. April 29, the wife of Colonel Baillie of a son— at Bristol. 

1803. August, married was Capt. Alexander Francis Baillie, R X., to 

Mrs. ElUa Gordon, of Edinbro'. 

Crockford Directory, 1885: 

Hon. and Rev. John Baillie, M. A., Canon of York and Incumbent of St. 

James, Cupar-Fife. 
Rev. John Baillie, D. D., Rector of Wy venhoe, Colchester, Essex. Author 
of "Church and State in England." 


Rev. Richard Emilias Baillie, M. A., Rector of Cornwall. Letter-Kenny 

County Donegal. 
Rev. Robert Baillie, M. A., Rector of Sywell, Northants. 
Rev. Thos. George Baillie, Rector of Kinsland, County Hereford. 
Rev. William Gordon Baillie, B. A., 6 Montpelier Grove, Cheltenham. 

K.xtr. by Reginald Bolton. 1S!»:;. 


In the name of God, Amen, I, Kenneth Baillie, of 
the Parish of St. John in Province of Georgia, Planter, 
being weak in body, but of sound mind and memory, 
thanks being given to God. Therefore, calling to 
mind the morality ot my body and that it is appointed 
for all men once to die, do make and ordain my last 
Will and Testament, that is to say, principally and 
first of all I recommend my soul into the hands of 
Aimighty God who gave it, and my body to the earth 
to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discre- 
tion of my Executors, nothing doubting, but at the 
general resurrection I shall receive the same again 
by the Mighty Power of God. And as touching such 
wordly Estate, wherewith it had pleased God to bless 
me in this life, I give, devise and dispose of the same 
in the following manner and form, after all my lawful 
debts and funeral charges are paid: 

Imprimus: I give and bequeath unto my loving 
wife, Elizabeth, a part of my personal estate, a negro 
wench named Hesthes and her issue, and the one half 
of house and kitchen furniture, including silver plate, 
to her and her heirs and assignees forever. 

Item: I give and bequeath to my eldest son, Ken- 
neth Baillie. this other part of my personal estate, a 
negro boy named Cuff, and the other half of my house 
and kitchen furniture, including silver plate with my 
guns, pistols, sword, watch, buckles and wearing ap- 
parel to him, his heirs and assigns forever. 

Item: I give and bequeath to my said son. Ken- 


neth, four hundred acres of land joining Palmer Grold- 
en, a part of a tract my rice pantation is now settled 
on, and one hundred acres timber land joining die 
said four hundred acres Stephen Clark, as aiso two 
lots in Sunburry joining James Stewart Taylor, to 
him, his heirs and assigns forever. 

Item: T give and bequeath to my son, Alexander 
Bailie, this part of my personal estate, a negro boy 
named Joe, to him, his heirs and assigns forever, as al- 
so one silver hilted sword. 

Item: 1 give and bequeath to my said son, Alex- 
ander, one hundred acres of swamp land joining his 
own marsh, and the four hundred acres, foresaid, be- 
queathed to my son. Kenneth, as also one hundred 
acres timber land joining my own said tract and 
Stephen Colors, to him, his heirs and assigns forever 
— with and under the restrictions following: 

Item: I give and bequeath to my son. Robert 
Carnibe Baillie, this part of my personal estate, a 
negro boy named January, to him, his heirs and as- 
signs forever. 

Item: I give and bequeath to my said son, Robert, 
five hundred acres of land lying and situated on North 
Newport, adjoining lands of Mathew Roch, Stephen 
Clark and Samuel Burnley, to him, his heirs and as- 
signs forever. 

Item: I give and bequeath to my said sons, Ken- 
neth and Alexander, one thousand acres of land lying 
and situated on Saint Mary's. To the said Kenneth 
eight hundred acres, and to the said Alexander two 
hundred acres to them their heirs and assigns forever. 

Item: It is my will that my sons shall enter upon 
and possess the above said bequeathed lands at 
twenty-one years of age. But if my executors shall 
judge them capable to manage and cultivate the said 
bequeathed premises at the age of eighteen, that then 


they may enter and take possession of the said pre- 
mises, but shall have no power to sell, dispose, alienate 
or assign over to any person or persons whatever, any 
part or parcel of the above said lands until they shall 
arrive at twentyone years of age. 

Item: It is my will that if of my sons should die 
before they come of age that their lands shall be equal- 
ly divided amongst the surviving brothers. 

Item: It is my will that the island that I now live 
on, commonly called Baillies Island shall be sold after 
my decease, with all convenient speed to the highest 
bidder, and the money arising therefrom be applied 
as follows, viz: To Elizabeth Baillie. my wife, the sum 
of fifty pounds sterling, free of all expense, to enable 
her to build a dwelling house and office houses, on 
that part of my estate bequeathed to my son Alexan- 
der, now a part of my rice plantation. To Jean my 
daughter wife to Andrew Darling, merchant in Sun- 
burry the sum of fifty pounds sterling, free of all ex- 
pense, as also to Ann Elizabeth Baillie, my daughter, 
wife to John Irvin Surgeon in Sunburry, the like 
sum of fifty pounds sterling, free of all expense, and 
further my will is that the overplus shall be applied 
for the education, clothing and maintenance of my 
said sons Alexander and Robert as far as my execu- 
tors shall think necessary, but if any one of my said 
two youngest sons should die before they come of age 
that then the surviving brother shall enjoy the whole, 
and further it is my will that Elizabeth my wife shall 
live in the house and on the plantation where I now 
dwell until it is sold — and further my will is that the 
overplus arising to my said two youngest sons, shall 
be put in safe hands to bear interest and in such man- 
ner as it maybe convenient to raise such sum or sums 
as shall be thought proper for their expense by my 


executors. The overplus to be paid when they are 
of age. 

Item: I give and bequeath to my two daughters, 
to Jane, a negro girl called Cloe, and to Ann Elizabeth, 
a negro girl called Doll, part of my personal estate, 
I give to them their heirs and assigns forever. 

Item: It is my will that the one half of the lands 
bequeathed my son Alexander where my rice planta- 
tion now is, shall be cultivated for the benefit of him 
and his brother Robert until the said Alexander be- 
comes of age. 

Item: It is my will that my said wife Elizabath 
shall upon the sale of my island settle and enter upon 
the other half of the land above mentioned and be- 
queathed my son Alexander, to cultivate for her own 
use all the days of her natural life. 

Item: It is my will that the first bequeathed lands 
to my son Kenneth shall be cultivated for the benefit 
of the whole estate untill my lawful debts and funeral 
expenses are all paid, and under the management of 
my said son Kenneth and the rest of my executors. 

Item: It is my will and desire that my executors 
shall give and appoint my said wife Elizabeth a yearly 
maintenance as they shall think sufficient until my 
debts are paid, and also my will is that providing my 
island is not sold before the division of my personal 
estate, that my wife Elizabeth shall cultivate and im- 
prove the same for her own use until such time as 
the said Island is sold. 

Item: It is my will that all the residue of my per- 
sonal estate shall be equally divided betwixt my wife 
and five children after my lawful debts are paid as 
above mentioned, lastly I do by these presents appoint 
and ordain my wife Elizabeth Baillie executrix, my 
eldest son Kenneth Baillie, Andrew Darling, Captain 
James MacKay and Robert Baillie my executors to 


this my last will and testament, revoking and annul- 
ling all other will or wills by me at any time afore 
made, acknowledging this as my last will and testa- 
ment. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my 
hand and cause my seal to be affixed this seventh day 
of July, Anno Domini, one thousand seven hundred 
and sixty-six. 

Kenneth Baillie, \ L g 

Signed, sealed, published, declared by the testator 
as his last will and testament in our presence who 
have signed our names as witnesses in his presence 
and by his desire in presence of each other. 

John Osgood, 
John Winn, 
Ludovick Anderson. 


This most illustrious and ancient family thrice 
royally descended in its own right, that of Innes and of 
Baillie of Dunain is so well known in Scotland, and 
in Georgia and the United States so great were the 
services performed that the state of Georgia, named 
one of its counties Mcintosh. Among members of 
this old family may be mentioned John Mohr Mcin- 
tosh who came to Georgia in 1735 with Oglethorpe 
and with him went on the expedition against the 
Spaniards. His sons Colonel William Mcintosh and 
the gallant General Lachlan Mcintosh, and his grand- 
son, Colonel John Mcintosh of the Revolutionary War, 
who was first Captain and then Lieutenant 
Colonel John Mcintosh, afterward, General, in 
the War of 1812. Colonel James Simmons Mc- 
intosh of Mexican War. His sons, Generals James 
McQueen and John Baillie Mcintosh of the 


C. S. and U. S. armies. Judge McQueen, Captain 
John Nash Mcintosh, Major Lachlan Mcintosh and 
also the gallant Captain now General John Mcintosh 
Kell, and many other descendants of this family, who 
have taken part in every war since the foundation of 
the State of Georgia. The families descended from 
this family are the Clinches, Troups, Kells Spaldings, 
Wyllys. Kenans, Sadlers, Harris' a branch of the 
Bryans and many others. William Mcintosh (second 
son of Lachlan Mohr Mcintosh 16th. Chief of Mack- 
intosh and Agnes McKenzie (daughter of MacKenzie, 
of Kintail ancestor of Earl of Seaforth.) married 
about 1594 Elizabeth Innes daughter of Robert limes 
of Innermarkie, an old cadet of Innes of 
that Ilk, and died about 1626 having 
several children one of whom was Lachlan Mcintosh 
second proprietor of Borlum, who married 
first Lady Anne Mcintosh, relict of Sir 
Lachlan Mcintosh, of Mackintosh and secondly, 
tempore, 1636 Helen Gordon by whom he had issue; 
among others Wm. Mackintosh, third of Borlum, who 
married in 1656 Mary Baillie. eldest daughter of 
William Baillie, eighth of Dunain, and Isobel Forbes, 
daughter of Duncan Forbes, first of Culloden, and had 
among others: 

I. William Mackintosh, the celebrated 
brigadier of 1715, married Mary Reade. 

II. Lachlan Mackintosh, of Knocknagail, 
who married Mary Lockhart, daughter of 
John Lockhart. Bailie of Inverness and 
had sous and daughters, one of whom was: 
John Mohr Mackintosh, lineal Chief of Bor- 
lum, branch of House of Moy. who came 
with 130 Highlanders to Georgia and set- 
tled a place called Darien, where the family 
has lived toe a long period. John Mohr 


Mackintosh was in the Spanish War, 1740, 
and his kinsman, Lieutenant Kenneth 
Bail lie, was captured by the Spanish, sent 
to Spain, escaped to England, and thence 
returned to Georgia. From a brother of 
John Mohr Mackintosh sprang the noted 
"Rory" or Roderick Mackintosh, as also 
General Wm. Mackintosh, his grand nephew, 
who'inarried a Creek Indian woman whose 
son, a Creek Chief, was killed by them be- 
cause he ceded lands to the whites in 
Georgia. From another grand-niece of 
John Mohr Mackintosh, who married 
George Troup, sprang the well-known 
Governor of Georgia, George Mackintosh 
Troup, from whom descends the Troups 
and a branch of the Wayne family of 
Georgia, as also Dr. Troup who left de- 
It is also interesting to know that from the marri- 
age of Wm. Mackintosh, of Borlum, and Mary Baillie 
of Dunain, through the family of Brigadier Mcintosh, 
an uncle of John Mohr Mackintosh, springs Lachlan 
Mackintosh, third son of Brigadier Wm. Mcintosh, 
whose daughter, Elizabeth, married Hon. Isaac Royal 
of Mil ford, Boston, Massachusetts, whose daughter, 
Elizabeth Royal, married Will Sparhawk, afterward 
Sir. W. Pepperell, Baronet, whose daughter, Eliza- 
beth Royal Pepperell, married Rev. Henry Hutton, 
M. A., and had Rev. Henry Hutton, and Harriet Pep- 
perell, who married Sir Charles Thomas Palmer of 
Wanlip Hall, Leicestershire, and had Sir George 
Joseph Palmer, Baronet, born 20th Dec, 1811. From 
John Mohr Mackintosh also descends the well-known 
family of Clinch, of Georgia, and many others. 

William Mcintosh 3rd of Borlum (son of Lachlan 


Mcintosh and Helen Gordon, the latter a grandson of 
Lachlan Mcintosh 16th Chief of the great clan of Mc- 
intosh,) married Mary Baillie of Dunain and had 
among others. 

I. William Mcintosh, Brigadier General, 

II. Lachlan Mcintosh of Knocknagail 
married Mary Lockhart. 

III. Duncan Mcintosh from whom descends 
Charles Fraser Mcintosh Esq. 

IV. Joseph Mcintosh from whom descends 
Mr. Eaneas Mcintosh of Raigmore. M. P. 

II. Lachlan Mcintosh and Mary Lockhart 
had among others. 

I. John Mohr Mcintosh eldest son who 
came to Georgia with General Ogle- 
thorpe in 1734 and whose line is now en- 
titled to the chieftainship of Mcintosh 
of Borlum. 

II. A brother of above Mcintosh whose 
issue were Roderick Mcintosh, the noted 
"Rory" so well known in the history of 
Georgia, whose grand nephew General 
William Mcintosh married a Creels wo- 
man and whose son was General William 
Mcintosh a noted Creek chief, and also 
a niece who married George Troup, 
whose sons were: 

I. George M. Troup, Governor of Georgia, 
after whom Troup county is named 
and whose descendants are the Troups 
and a branch of tie' Bryan and 
Wayne families of Georgia. Flori- 
da Troup Bryan married Robert Wayne. 

II. Dr. Troup, who left issue. 


*John Mohr Mcintosh who came to 
Georgia in 1735 and was captain in High- 
land Company in an expedition against 
the Spaniard in 1740, married Marjory 
Fraser daughter of Fraser of Garthmore 
and had the following children: (He 
died about 1745.) 

I. fWilliam Mcintosh, Colonel in Revo- 
lutionary War, married Mary Mackay. 

II. fLachlan Mcintosh famous General 
of Revolutionary War married and left 

III. §John Mcintosh, also called George. 

IV. George Mcintosh married Ann 
daughter of Sir Patrick Houstoun, Baro- 
net. George was also called John, they 
were the same person. 

V. Ann Mcintosh married Robert Baillie 
of Culter Allers from whom descended 
the late J. W. Baillie and his nephew 
Robert Baillie of Scotland. Robert 
Baillie and Ann Mcintosh had besides 
others Anna Mcintosh Baillie who mar- 
ried Judge Da vies of Savannah whose 
descendants are the Harrises of Upper 

VI. Barbara Mcintosh. 

Colonel William Mcintosh oldest son of John Mohr 
Mcintosh married Mary Mackay and had issue. 

1. John Mcintosh, Lieut. Colonel Revo- 

; .\<>tk. Sailed from [nvernes? Oct. 18, 1731, on board Prince of Wales. 

rMOTE Buried in Colonial Park, Savannah, Ga., William and Lachlan 
Mcintosh wen- born in Scotland. 

SOne authority says it was John, third son who married Ann Houstoun 
mother of John Houst >un Mcintosh, though the Kells suy it was George 
who married a Houstoun. [t would appear that George and John were 
really the same person. 


lntionary War. General, War of 1812, 
married Sarah Swinton. 

2. f William Mcintosh married and had 

3. Lachlan Mcintosh (Captain) married 
his first cousin Miss. Baiilie (ancestor 
of Major Lachlan Mcintosh. 

4. George Mcintosh. 

5. Marjory Mcintosh married James 
Spalding from whom descended the tine 
Georgia families of Spalding, the Kenans, 
Wyllys' and others of Darien, Georgia. 

6. Hester Mcintosh married Alexander 
Baiilie brother of Robert Baiilie who 
married Ann Mcintosh. 

7. Barbara Mcintosh married her cousin 
*William Mcintosh of "Mala" nephew of 
Rory Mcintosh. 

General John Mcintosh, eldest son of Colonel Wm. 
Mcintosh and Mary Mackay, married JSarah Swin- 
ton of South Carolina. (He married second Mrs. Stev- 
ens and had one son) and had: 

1. Major Wm. Jackson Mcintosh, officer U. S. 

2. John Nash Mcintosh, who entered the U. 
S. Army about 1808, as first lieutenant of 
Artillery and rose to rank of major, resigned 
in 1820. He married about 1820 Sallie 

hNOTE William son of William had a son William Augustus who mar 
ried Ann Davis. 

Xoi'K -From the marriage of William Mcintosh (nephew of Rory) who 
married Barbara Mcintosh, youngesl daughter of Col. William Mcintosh 
and Jane or Mary Mackay, descend a branch of family of Gignillial "i 
Wayne county, Ga. From this William Mcintosh also descended Gen 
cral William Mcintosh of Indian blood. "Rory" had a sister, Winifred, 
who never married, a niece, Nancy, and a niece who married Troup, 
father of Dr. Troupjand Gov. Troup. 

tArms of Swinton "A Wild Boar." 



Rokenbaugh of Harpers Ferry, Virginia. 

3. James Simmons Mcintosh, Colonel in 
Mexican War and an officer of U. S. Army, 
killed in Mexico. 

4. Alexander Swinton Mcintosh. 

5. George Baillie Mcintosh. 

6. McQueen Mcintosh. 

7. Donald Mcintosh. 

8. Mary Jane Mcintosh. 

Major John Nash Mcintosh and Sallie Rokenbaugh 
had the following children: 

1. John McQueen Mcintosh. 

2. James Baillie Mcintosh. 

3. Katharine S. Mcintosh. 

4. Sarah Swinton Mcintosh. 

5. Maria Ellen Mcintosh married William H. 

6. Charles Harris Mcintosh. 

7. Mary Jane Mcintosh. 

8. Mazie Kell Mcintosh. 

9. Virginia Ann Mcintosh married E. F. 
Bryan and had issue. 

10. Evelyn Spalding Mcintosh. 

11. Hester Cook Mcintosh. 

12. William Swinton Mcintosh married ^Ida 
Sutherland Talley of Columbia, South Caro- 
lina, and had: 

1. Mary Jane Mcintosh, born 1879. 

2. Olin Talley Mcintosh, born 1881. 

3. Eliza Fenton Mcintosh, born 1883. 
4 Ellen Louise Mcintosh, born 1S85. 

5. William Swinton Mcintosh, born 18S7. 

6. John Nash Mcintosh, born 1889. 

tNOTE.— Ida S. Talley was a daughter of S. Olin Talley, formerly 
cashier of a bank in Savannah and niece of Dr. Talley a distinguished 
physician of Columbia, S. C. 


7. Ida Sutherland Mcintosh, born 1894. 

James Simmons Mcintosh, son of General John 
Mcintosh, was a Colonel in the U. S. Army, and while 
bravely fighting in the Mexican War was killed. 

He married and had issue: 

1. Leonidas Mcintosh, Captain, Mexican 

2. John Baillie Mcintosh, a Federal, general 
was at battle of Gettysburg where he lost a 

3. James McQueen Mcintosh. Confederate 
general killed at Pea or Oak Ridge and 
ieft one son. I. Mcintosh 

Major William Jackson Mcintosh of the Navy, 
eldest son of General John Mcintosh and Sarah 
Swinton married and had nine children among whom 
were : 

I. William Hillery Mcintosh, a Baptist min- 
ister, who is now the Chief of the Borlum 
branch of Mcintosh. He married several 
times and has issue. 

II. McQueen Mcintosh presiding judge of 
U. S. District Court. He married Georgia 
Fannin daughter of the gallant Major A. 
B. Fannin and Jane Williamson daughter of 
John P. Williamson of an old Georgia and 
Carolina family and left issue. 

1. Georgia Mcintosh died young. 

2. Thomas Hamilton Mcintosh. 

3. McQueen Mcintosh. 

4. Jessie Mcintosh married A. J. Graeffe. 
Lachlan Mcintosh, Captain in Revolutionary War. 

(nephew of General Lachlan Mcintosh) and son of 
Colonel William Mcintosh and Mary (or .lane) Mack- 
ay, married Miss Baillie his cousin and had six chil- 
dren, two sons and four daughter-. 


1. Lachlan Mcintosh. 

2. * James Mcintosh (Commodore). 

3. f Maria Mcintosh. 

4. Mcintosh. 

5. Mcintosh. 

6. Mcintosh. 

Lachlan Mcintosh married and had: 

Lachlan Mcintosh, Major C. S. Army and formerly 
in U. S. Government Service Washington, D. C. He 
married but had no issue. 

From Lachlan Mcintosh descends a branch of the 
Wards, Winns and Jones. 

Marjory Mcintosh, daughter of Colonel William Mc- 
intosh and ^Mary Mackay, married James Spalding of 
Ashantilly who came to Georgia and was the progen- 
ator of the well known family after whom Spalding 
County in Georgia was named. The issue was one 

I. §Thomas Spalding (Honorable) who 
married Sarah Leake and had a very 
large family among whom were: 

1. Charles Spalding married Evelyn Kell, 
no issue. 

2. Randolph Spalding, married. 

3. Jane Spalding married Brailsford. 

4. Elizabeth Spalding married Wylly. 

5. Catharine Spalding, married in 1832, 
Michael Johnson Kenan. 

*NOTE-It is said that Commodore Mcintosh and Miss Maria were 
the children of General Lachlan, and half brother and sister. Ac- 
cording to Swinton Mcintosh they were children of the nephew Lachlan, of 
General Mcintosh. It is certain Miss Maria the authoress was daughter 
of General Lachlan Mcintosh and that the commodore was son of Lachlan, 
third son of Col. William Mcintosh, 

tNOTB— The Ivells and McQueens, Mcintosh's authority says Miss. 
Maria was the daughter of General Lachlan Mcintosh. 

JNOTE.— Or Jane Mackay. 

$>vOTE.— Member of Congress. 


*The Spaldings are of Scotch extraction and were 
Lairds, or Feudal Barons of Ashantilly and sat in 
Scotch Parliament, prior to discovery of America. 

In 1473, July 21, we find John Spaldyn. dean of 
Brechin and vicar of the parish church of Dundee. 

The James Spalding who married Marjory Mcin- 
tosh daughter of Col. William Mcintosh, was son of 
Thomas Spalding, a captain in a regiment of •'Stew- 
art Highlanders," and was drowned in Holland 
while in service. 

Randolph Spalding, second son of Hon.. Thomas 
Spalding M. C. by his wife Sarah Leake had: 

Thomas Spalding married Miss McKinley. 
Bourke Spalding married Ella Barrow. 
Sarah Spalding married Mr. McKinley. 
Bourke Spalding and Ella Barrow had one son 

1. Randolph Spalding. 

Mrs. Bourke Spalding is a sister of Hon. Pope liar- 
row an eminent lawyer, formerly U. S. Senator and 
now Vice President of the "Sons of the Revolution" of 
State of Georgia. Mrs. Spalding and Hon. Pope Bar- 
row are the children of David C. Barrow Esq., son of 
James Barrow who was son of Thomas Barrow which 
latter was the son of Thomas Barrow. The original 
Thomas Barrow came from Lancashire, England to 
Virginia in 1680. Thus we see this ancient family 
has kept up its prestige and is ably represented at the 
present day. On all sides its connection is highly 
honorable. There are other children and descendants 
of the Barrow family, and Hon. Pope Barrow lias other 
brothers. il<> married Cornelia Jackson, second mar- 
riage daughter of former United States minister, 

*NOTE.— Male's Annals of Scot land, No. 2. 


General Henry R. Jackson of ancient family and de- 
scent, and has issue by both marriages. 


This is an old Georgia family and the name is 
lound in the records of Ireland as far back as 1666, 
and though we have not a description of the Arms of 
Wylly we understand it is in possession of them. 

Before the Revolutionary War the family lived in 

There were three brothers, Alexander, William and 
Richard and a sister who married Hon. James Haber- 
sham son of Gov. James Habersham and Mary Bolton. 
The descendants of this family are numerous and 
highly connected people. 

Alexander Wylly was a major in the British army 
and Speaker of Commons House of Assembly. 
Richard was Colonel in the Continental Army, and his 
nephew Thomas a lieutenant. The family of Major 
Alex. Wylly adhered to the crown. Among these 
were Thomas Campbell Wylly. One of this family 
married a daughter of James Spalding and from him 
descends Mr. Charles S. Wylly and others. One of 
them married a daughter of Dean Dunwody by a 
daughter of Gov. McDonald. Major Thomas S. Wylly 
married Eugenie LeHardy daughter of Dr. J. C. Le- 
Hardy, an eminent physician and Health Officer of 
Savannah, descended from the Viscount Le Hardy. 
Dr. LeHardy married Miss Daniell daughter of the 
noted physician, Dr. Daniell and Miss Screven daugh- 
ter of Dr. J. P. Screven. 

Thomas Kenan of Scotland married Elizabeth John- 
son in England and moved to County Antrim, Ireland. 
Came to America, 1730, and lauded at Wilmington, 


N. C, having sailed from Port O'Terry, Ireland. 

Thomas Kenan and Elizabeth Johnson had the fol- 
lowing children: 

I. James Kenan, born Sept. 23rd, 1740, 
(General in Revolutionary War.) 

II. Mike Kenan (moved to Georgia.) 

II[. Owen Kenan, killed in Revolutionary 

IV. Thomas Kenan, died young. 

V. Betsey Kenan married Thomas Torrenee. 

VI. Penelope Kenan married Richard 

VII. Jane Kenan married James Love. 

VIII. Arabella Kenan married Mclntyre. 
General James Kenan married Sallie Love and had: 

1. Thomas Kenan, moved to Alabama. 

2. Daniel Love Kenan, moved to Florida. 

3. Owen Kenan, died yonng. 

4. Kitty Kenan married Thomas Norment. 

5. Susan Kenan married Joseph Gorm. 

6. Elizabeth Kenan married James Price. 

7. Sally Kenan married Wm. Morrisey. 

8. Jane Kenan married Wm. Hall, moved to 
Florida in 1834. 

Mike Kenan married Nancy Holmes, sister of Gen- 
eral Gabriel Holmes of North Carolina, (moved to 
Georgia) and had issue: 

I. Thomas Holmes Kenan who married 
Aurelia Powell nee Gray an.l had besides 
1. Michael Johnson Kenan who marriedin l s "._ 
Catharino Ann Spalding, horn Oct. 18, 1810, 
(daughter of Hon. Thomas Spalding of 
Sapelo Island. Mcintosh County, and his 
wife Sarah Leake,) and had eleven chil- 
dren of whom only four survive: 


1. Sarah Anrelia Kenan b. Mch. 1833, 
Milledgeville, (4a., married Dr. Charles H. 

2. Spalding Kenan M. D., b. April 11. 1836. 

3. Catharine Clifford Kenan, b. Nov. 19, 

1872, in. W. W. Williamson. 

4. Owen Tom Kenan b. Oct. 24, 1853 mar- 

ried Elizabeth Wbite daughter of Dr. 
Samuel White of Milledgeville and has: 

1. Aurelia Hall Kenan. 

2. White Kenan. 

3. Owen T. Kenan. 

I. Sarah Aurelia Kenan was married Nov. 

1856 at Duplin, Sapelo Island, to Dr. Charles 
H. Hall of Macon Oa. ; of ancient family, 
and had six children among whom are: 

I. Kenan Hall, M. D. . 

II. Ellen Hall married S. R. Jaques of Ma- 
con and has issue two children. 

II. Dr. Spalding Kenan married at Mill- 
edgeville, Oct. 11, 1860. Evelyn Elizabeth 
Livingston and had issue: 

1. Michael Johnson Kenan born Sept. 25, 
1861, married Elizabeth S. Cain of South 
Carolina and has two children. 

1. Emily Kenan. 

2. Elizabeth Cain Kenan. 

2. L. Livingston Kenan born near Columbus, 
Ca.. Dec. 18, 1863, a lawyer admitted to the 
bar from the office of Messrs Denmark & 
Adams, Savannah, (Ja.. on Dec. 18, 1884, mar- 
ried June 6, 1S94 Helen Mary Hart, *Grignil- 
liat (only daughter of W. Robert (lignilliat 
of Mcintosh county, and Hattie H. :i: Hey ward,) 

*NOTE.— Very ancient and honorable families of South Carolina, "See 
Bellinger & De Veaux pamphlet." 


and bad: 

1. Thomas Holmes Kenan b. April 18, 1895. 

2. Robert Gignilliat Kenan b. Nov. 18, 

3. Randolph Spalding Kenan M. 1). b. Nov. 20, 
1865, elected City Physician Savannah, Ga., 
Jan. 1, 1897. 

4. Spalding Kenan, Jr., born Aug. 3, 1869. 

5. Evey Kenan born April 4. 1871. 

6. Elizabetb Kenan born Aug. 28, 1875, mar- 
ried J. Manson, Esq.. a Scotchman, and had 

I. Kenan Manson. 

II. John Manson. Jr. 

7. Catharine A. Kenan, born Nov. 16, 1877. 

8. Aurelia Hall Kenan, born 1880. 

III. Catharine Clifford Kenan and f W. W. 
Williamson, Esq., Attorney at Law Mil- 
ledgeville, Ga., married Nov. 13, 1873, and 
had issue: 

1. Charles Williamson 

2. Emily Williamson. 

3. William Williamson. 

Hester Mcintosh (sixth child of Colonel Wm. 
Mcintosh, of the Revolution of 1776. and Mary Mac- 
kay) married Alexander Baillie of Culter Allers, 
(brother of Robert Baillie) of the ancient family of 
Baillie of Lamington, of a cadet branch descending 
from Richard, son of Sir Wm. Baillie of Lamington. 

Hester Mcintosh being descended from Baillie of 
Dunain, the chief line of Lamington. both of these, 
Culter Allers and Dunain. descending from the Great 
Sir Win. Wallace and Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick of 
the Royal line of Scotland. 

hNOTE.— Died 1883. 


Hester Mcintosh and Alexander Baillie had an only 

I. *Marjory Spalding Baillie, who married 
John Kell, Esq., Attorney at Law, of Sun- 
bury, Georgia, son of John Kell, who in a 
list of "attainted" by the British, is called 
in the "Disqualifying Act" John Kell, 
The Baillies of Culter Allers also descend from the 
noble families of Hamilton of Cadzow, of royal de- 
scent, the ancient family of Hume of Polwarth, &c. 

John Kell had a sister, Mary, who married Mr. 
Holmes, and his mother married a second time Judge 
Advocate Rees, from whom the Rev. Eben Rees and 
others descend. 

John Kell and Marjory Spalding Baillie, daughter 
of Alexander Baillie and Hester Mcintosh, had the 
following issue: 

I. John Kell who commanded the Steamer 
Everglade, changed to "Savannah," early 
part of War, then went to take position of 
first lieutenant and executive officer of 
C. S. War Vessel Sumpter, then to take 
same place on Alabama and was on her 
when she was sunk by U. S. S. Kearsage. 
Came home and commanded an Iron Clad at 
Richmond on James River, and now he is 
Adjutant General of Georgia, and recently 
made Brigadier General of State. He mar- 
ried, Oct., 1856, Julia Blanche Munroe, 

"NOTE.— Think her name was Hester Mcintosh, but as Mrs. Spalding 
her aunt brought her up; presume she took the name Marjory Spalding. 
The Kells are thought to have come from County 

Meath, Ireland, and to be of Scotch-Irish blood, though some think they 
are of Welsh extraction. Judge Kell of Baltimore, Maryland, whose daugh- 
ter was the wife of Bradford, Union Governor of Maryland, during Civil 
War, claimed relationship— his father and family were native Welsh people 


a descendant of Campbell Mum roe. who 
married a daughter of King Robert Bruce. 
The children of this marriage were: 

1. N. Munroe Kell, died age 6 years. 

2. John Mcintosh Kell, M. D., died, age 22 

3. Blanche Mcintosh Kell, died age 3 years. 

4. Raphael Semmes Kell married, 1897, Pauline 

5. Marjory Baillie Kell, died, age 7 years. 

6. Hendley Varner Kell married. 1897, Caro 
Dow dell. 

7. Sarah Tibbie Kell married, 1891, J. Wing- 
field Nisbet. 

8. Hester Estelle Kell married. 1897, E. H. 

9. Evelyn Spalding Kell. 

10. Mary Carolyn Kell. 

The other children of John Kell and Marjory Spald- 
ing Baillie were: 

II. Balhe Kell. 

HI. Evelyn Kell married Charles Spalding. 

IV. Hester C. Kell. 

V. Mary Kell, the eldest, 

*Lachlau Mcintosh (second son of John Mohr Mc- 
intosh, the Highland chief tan and captain of a com- 
pany of Highlanders who went with Oglethorpe to 
fight the Spaniards at Fort Moosa,) was a gallant 
general in the Revolutionary War and a Brigadier 
in Washington's Army of the Continental line. 

By first marriage to Miss Sarah Threadcraft he had: 
I. Henry Mcintosh, died young. 

11. William Mcintosh, died young. 

III. Hampden Mcintosh, married Caroline Clif- 
ford Nephew. 

"NOTE— Mr. Wm. Harden has kindly seni the following communication 


Hampden Mcintosh and Caroline Clifford Nephew, 
had : 

1. Mary Mcintosh married Mr. Winston. 

2. Mcintosh married Mr. Bacon. 

Frederick Hampden Winston son of Mary 
Mcintosh and Mr. Winston is in right of 
General Mcintosh, member of Society of 
Cincinnati, and in right of John Mohr 
Mcintosh, member of Society Colonial Wars 
and also member Sons of American Revolu- 
tion thro* being- descended from Generel 

in extract of a letter from Hon. Jno. E. Ward and also adds: 

"Hon. John E. Ward, in a letter of May 20th, 1893, in which he gave 
the recordof his relationship to the Mcintosh family, as follows: 

" 'In reply to your note of the 18th inst., just received, I beg to say my 
father, Win. Ward, married Miss Mcintosh, the daughter of Major Lach- 
Lan Mcintosh, and she was my mother. After her death, he married 
Sarah Maxwell, the daughter of Moultrie Maxwell, of Bryan Count y. 
Major Lachlan Mcintosh, after the death of my mother's mother, married 
the widow of John Butler Maxwell who was the mother of my aunt Maria 
Mcintosh, she being the half sister of my mother, formerly Annie Mc- 
intosh.' " 

"This will give you, I think, all the information you want. In looking 
into this matter some time ago I found a little difficulty which I have 
never been able to get over. Apparently there were two Majors Lachlan 
Mcintosh, and I cannot trace out their descent. It appears from Mr. 
Ward's statement, which is absolutely correct, that one of these majors 
married first a lady whose name Mr. Ward does not know, as 1 asked him 
the question and he replied that he dkl not know, and after her death he 
married the widow, Mary Maxwell. Now, from the old newspapers I find a 
Major Lachlan Mcintosh who married the widow of Capt. Clement Nash, 
and another marriage of Major Lachlan Mcintosh (who may be the same 
one) to a daughter of William Maxwell of Hester's Bluff." 

General Lachlan Mcintosh married twice. First, Sarah Threadcraft, 
by whom lie had issue. He married second, Mrs. Mary Maxwell, daughter 
of James Maxwell, and widow of Jno. Butter Maxwell, her first cousin. By 
the latter marriage he had Maria Mcintosh, the authoress, and a daughter 
married Jones. General Lachlan Mcintosh had also James Mackay Mc- 
intosh, I'. S. Navy. 

According to Hon. John E. Ward his mother was Anne Mcintosh, who 
married his father, Wm. Ward. 

Wm. Ward married second Sarah Maxwell, daughter of Moultrie Max- 
well and Margaret Stevens. 

Lachlan Mcintosh, son of Col. William, married first a Baillie; married 
perhaps second the widow of Captain Clement Nash, and another major, 
perhaps his son Lachlan, married a daughter of Wm. Maxwell of Hesters 
Bluff.— [Author.] 
♦NOTE- He was married twice. 


IV. Hetty Mcintosh, m. 1st. Ward, 2nd 
Dr. Bayard. 

V. Catharine Mcintosh married Harris. 
By second marriage General Mcintosh had: 

1. Maria Mcintosh, Authoress. 

2. Ann Mcintosh married Jones. 
Hampden Mcintosh had one son who died and two 

daughters, Mrs. Winston and Mrs. Bacon, from 
whom descend the Winstons, Mrs. Wakelee, Mrs. 
Falligant, Mrs Bevill and a branch of the Mel Is. 
Catharine Mcintosh married Harris and had: 

1. Charles Harris. 

2. Sarah Harris married Mr. Bayard. 
Hester Mcintosh and Mr. Ward had: 

1. Jno. E. Ward. Minister to China. 

2. Ward. 

3. Daughter. 

Hester Mcintosh and Dr. Bayard had: 

1. Mrs. Wilson. 

2. Mrs. Ecker. 

*The Mclntoshes descend from Shaw living in 1163, 
second son of Duncan McDuff, third Earl of Fife. 

*NoTE— The following record was taken fro m the family Bible of Gen 
Lachlan Mcintosh, and by him copied from the Bible of John Mcintosh, 
iMohr.l This Bible of Gen. .Lachlan Mcintosh is now in the possession of 

Mrs. W. L. Wakelee of Savannah, Ga., who was Miss Bacon, 

and (laughter of Maria Mcintosh, who was the daughter of Hampden 
Mcintosh, who was the son of Lachlan: 


Taken from my father's family Bible, viz.: 

John Mcintosh, the son of Lachlan Mcintosh, (who was the second son 
Of William Mcintosh of Borlum, by his wife, Mary Baillie of Dunainl and 
his wife, Mary Lockhart, was horn in Badenoch, upon the river Spey in 
Scotland, the 34th of March, 1700. 

He died at EssicU, on Sapelo river, September, 17o- . 

Marjory Fraser, the daughter of John Fraser of Garthmore, of the family 

of Balmain and Elizabeth Fraser ■ — 

which washer maiden name), daughter oi Erigy, was born in Baleskin, 
Straherrick, the — , 1701. 

They were married in the church of Dors, near Borlum, the tth March, 
lT'.Ti, and had children, \ i/.. : 

1. William, burn in Borlum, 27th of January-. 1726. 


John Mohr Mcintosh was one of the early members 
of the Colonial Assembly of 1750, and several of his 
sons were members of Provincial Congress. John 
Mohr Mcintosh was pursuaded by his uncle, the 
Brigadier, to take part in the Rebellion of 1715, 
against House of Hanover, in favor of the Chevalier, 
and lost all his property, came to Georgia and founded 
family of "the fighting Mclntoshes." 

Burke gives the arms of Mcintosh* as follows: 
Quarterly. — First or, a lion rampant gn; second 
argent, a dexter hand fesseways, couped at the wrist 
and holding a human heart, gules; third, azure, a 
boar's head couped or. fourth or. a lymphiad sa. sur- 
mounted by tw T o oars in saltire gu. Crest, a cat a 
mountain salient guard, ppr. Supporters. Two cats, 
ppr. Motto:— over cat — "Touch not the cat but with 
a glove."' 2nd Crest, Demi cat, salient sa. Motto: 
"Prendez Garde.'* 

_'. Lacklan, born in Archughclia, near Ritz. 1 

" •' Badenoch, 3 o'clock. \ 5th March, 1727. 

" " the morning. ) 

3. John, born in Badenoch parish, i „-,. *„,.:, 17.™ 

of Kinguesick, Badenoch, f ~' th Aprl1 ' luH ' 

4. Alexander, born in Balchroan, 28th September, 1729; died. 

5. Mary, born in Balchroan, 25 October, 1730; died. 

6. Joseph, born in Ardo, Badenoch, 1st November, 1731; died. 

7. Phineas, born in Ardo. 18th April, 1732; died in Darien. 

8. Lewis and Janet, twins, born in Ardo, 4th November, 1734; died 
in Darien. 

N. B. The family took shipping on board the "Prince of Wales." Capt. 
Geo. Dunbar, at Inverness, Oct. 1735, with some hundred of sons for the new 
Colon}' of Georgia, came in at Tybee liar, the beginning of January, 1736, 
and landed at Darien on the river Altamaha, the place of their destination, 
the 1st February, same year. 

Annie, born at Darien, Georgia, I8tb April, 1737. 

, born at Darien, Georgia, 21th May 1739, and died 1749. 

NOTE— There seems to have been another birth still later, but the time is 
obliterated and can not be read. J. M. MCINTOSH, ls77. 

The above copy is obtained by me, April 28, 1877, from Jno. M. Mcintosh, 
who copied it from the Bible in possession of Mrs. W. L. Wakelee. 

A. Mc Duncan. 

Cen. Win. Mcintosh. Commanded the Highlanders, 1715. 
John More Mcintosh. 

Wm. Mcintosh, grandfather of Spalding. 

1745— The Mclntoshes were led by Lady Mcintosh, a near relative of Jno. 
More, of Georgia, who had married his kinsman, Mcintosh of Moy Hall, a 
branch of the family that adhered to the House of Brunswick. 


(See foot of page for Major William Jackson 
Mcintosh's family.) 

■•George Mcintosh, fourth son of John Mohr .Mc- 
intosh, married Miss Houstoun, daughter of Sir 
Patrick Houstoun, Baronet, of the eminent family of 
that name in Georgia and of a very ancient Scotch 

The issue of this marriage was: 

I. John Houstoun Mcintosh died 1836, who 
married Eliza Bayard of New York, died 
1848, and had the following children: 

1. Catharine Ann Mcintosh married Henry B. 

2. John Houstoun Mcintosh married first 
Mary Bandolph Higbee, married second. 
Charlotte N. Highbee. 

8. Eliza Bayard Mcintosh married General 
Duncan L. Clinch, after whom Clinch county, 
Ga., was named, and a descendant of the 
Lamont family of Scotland, and a very 
prominent gentlem an . 

♦George Mcintosh was Minister to France from tin- Republic of Texas. 

NOTE— As the following arrived too late to be inserted in text, will add 
that McQueen Mcintosh has seni following: (See family of Rev. Win. 

Win. Mcintosh had the following children : 

1. Anna Mcintosh, died unmarried. 

2. Sarah Mcintosh, died unmarried. 
:: Vgnes Mcintosh, died unmarried 
1. Mazie Mcintosh, died unmarried. 

5. Maria Mcintosh, died unmarried. 

6. Spalding Mcintosh, married and left a widow, now Mrs. Madden 
of Brunswick, Ga. Spalding Mcintosh was killed at Sharpsburg, 
Md.. while Adintant General of McLaw's Division. 

7. Donald Mcintosh, now dead, married and Lefi two -on-: 
1. Spalding Mcintosh. 

'.'. Donald Mcintosh, both living in Lynchburg, \'a. 
Rev. William Mcintosh also lefi two daughters by a second marriage: 
1 Daisy Mcintosh, married. 
-'. Sal lie Mcintosh, married J. S. Dunwody, of Da r ion. Ga. 


4. |George Mcintosh married daughter of 

James Hamilton of New York and had 

two children. Married second, Miss Sal- 

vader, of Paris, France, and had one child. 

Catharine Ann Mcintosh and Henry R.Sadler had: 

I. Henry R. Sadler married Mary Halsey 
of Savannah. 

II. Eliza Mcintosh Sadler married John 

III. Catharine A. Sadler married first, 
Rev. James Shanklin of South Carolina. 
Married second, Rev. James H. Elliott, 
D. D. 

IV. Houstoun Mcintosh Sadler married 
Abigail Jones Buist of Charleston, S. C. 

V. Mary Albertis Sadler married H. Pierce 

VI. Nicholas Bayard Sadler married Miss 
Routh of Missisippi. 

VII. Louisa S. Sadler married Ed., Q.Bell 
of New York city. 

John Houstoun Mcintosh and Mary Higbee had: 

1. John Houstoun Mcintosh. C. S. Army, 
killed at battle of Sailors Creek. 

2. Joseph H. Mcintosh married. 

3. Elizabeth L. Mcintosh married Albert B. 
Dod of Princeton, N. J. 

4. Bayard L. Mcintosh married first. Eliza 
Berrien daughter of Dr. Hugh Nesbitt of 
Georgia, and had one child. Married second, 
Mary C, daughter of Dr. It. B. Hill of Georgia. 

5. Mary R. Mflntosh married John Kilgow of 

IGeorge Mcintosh was also called John Mcintosh, so they were evidently 
the same person, and only John is mentioned in familv bible of General 


6. Charlotte N. Mcintosh. 

7. George Mcintosh, died infant. 

8. George Mcintosh, died infant. 
Bayard L. Mcintosh and Eliza B. Nesbitthad: 

1. Lucia B. Mcintosh married II. N. Starnes, 
son of Judge Starnes of Augusta, Ga,, and 
had four children. 
Bayard L. Mcintosh by his second wife Mary C. 
Hill, had: 

1. Mary Fisher Mcintosh, married D. C. Cole 
of Marietta, and had issue. 

2. John Houstoun Mcintosh. 

3. Charlotte N. Mcintosh, died. 

4. Bayard L. Mcintosh. 

5. Joseph H. Mcintosh, died infant. 
(>. Richard H. Mcintosh. 

Eliza Bayard Mcintosh and General Duncan L. 
Clinch of U. S. Army, had: 

i. Eliza Bayard Clinch, who married Robert 
Anderson, who defended Fort Sumter in 
1861, and had five children. 

II. John Houstoun Clinch married Eliza- 
beth Higbee VTaldburg of Georgia. 

III. Mary L. Clinch. 

IV. Duncan L. Clinch married Susan Hop- 
kins of Georgia and had five children. 

V. Catharine M. Clinch married Barnwell 
Hey ward of South Carolina, and had two 

VI. Henry A. Clinch married Ella Ford, and 
had two children. 

VI i. Nicholas Bayard Clinch. 
VIII. George W. Clinch married Catharine 
Ferris of Florida, and had issue. 



1676. William Mcintosh of Borlum, of the town 
and lands of Lynburg, following on charter by George 
Marquis of Huntly, to him dated Feb. 17, recorded 
March 1, 1676. Fol. 3S6. 

1676. Lachlane Mcintosh of Strone, of the town 
and lands of Strone, Gask and Pettigow, following 
upon charter by George Marquis of Huntly, to him. 
Dated April 29, recorded May 17, 1676. Fol. 400. 

1676. William Mcintosh of Borlum, of the lands 
of Crofenmalnak, following on disposition by Lachlan 
Mcintosh of Strone to him. Dated May 3, recorded 
June 2, 1676. Fol. 401. 

1676. William Mcintosh of Borlum, of the lands 
and milne of Bronchar, following on precept of 
Clare Constant by Lachlan Mcintosh of Torcastle to 
him. Dated May 5, recorded June 5, 1676. Fol. 402. 

1671. Angus Mcintosh of Holm, and Elizabeth 
Baillie, his spouse, of the lands of Tow andCowbrook, 
following on bond by Alexander Baillie and Jean 
McKenzie. Dated Sept. 30, recorded Oct. 17, 1671. 

1727. Janet Baillie, spouse of John Mcintosh of 
Holm, of an annuity of two chalders of victual, 
fourth of lands of Holm, in parish and county of Inver- 
ness, following on contract of marriage between 
them. Dated August 18, 1724, Sasine dated and 
recorded November 29, 1727,Vol.VIII, Fol. 349. (Prob- 
ablv a sister of Col. Kenneth Baillie.) 



William Mackintosh, second son of Lachlan Mohr Mackintosh, 

of Mackintosh, and Agnes Mackenzie, daughter of 

MacKenzie. of Kintail, ancestor of the Earls of Seaforth; was born 

He is first designed of Essick, next of Beuchar, and 

last of Borlum, of which he was the first proprietor. He married, 


about 1594, Elizabeth limes, daughter of Robert Innes, of Inner- 
niarkie, an old cadet of Innes of that Ilk, and died about 162G, hav- 
ing several children, one of whom was 

2. Lachlan Mcintosh, second proprietor of Borlum. born 

, married first Lady Ann Mackintosh, relict of Sir 
Lachlan Mackintosh, of Mackintosh, and secondly, tempore, 1636, 
Helen Gordon, daughter of Gordon, of •, 

and had a family. He died leaving 

3. William Mackintosh, third proprietor of Borlum, born 

, married Mary Baillie, daughter of Baillie, 

of Dunain, he had seven sons and daughters. 1st— William, of 

whom hereafter, and, 2nd— Lachlan Mackintosh, commonly called of 
Knocknagail, born , married Mary Lockhart, 

daughter of John Lockhart, merchant, and Bailie of Inverness, 

, and had sons and daughters. 
One of whom was one John Mohr 

Mackintosh, [founder of Mackintosh County, Georgia, United States 
of America,] born married 

and died , leaving a family. 

4. Brigadier General Wm. Mackintosh, fourth proprietor of Bor- 
lum, born , married in 1690, Mary Reade, daughter of 

Reade. He was Brigadier General for ihe 
Insurgents in 1715. [Took Leith for the Chevalier in 1715, but was 
obliged to evacuate it in a few days after he had taken it.] He 
was aferwards takon prisoner and confined in Edinburgh Castle; 
thence he was removed to the Tower of London, from which he 
made his escape; he died tempore 1712, leaving two sons and six 
daughters. The elder of the sons Lachlan was born 

, and lost at sea, having married 
by whom he had two daughters. The second of the sons 

5. Shaw Mackintosh, fifth proprietor of Borlum, born 

, married Elizabeth Menzies, daughter of 
Menzies of Weem, tempore 1738, and died 1769, leaving one son. 

6. Edward Shaw Mackintosh, sixth and last proprietor of 
Borlum, born , married 

MacPherson. daughter of 
MacPherson, of Breachachy, cousin of MacPherson of 

of Clunny. He was outlawed and fled to America, and it is said he 
rose to high rank under Washington. His wife remained behind 
him in Scotland, but he married in America and left descendants. 
[It is not mentioned whether the second marriage in America was 
during the lifetime or after the death of his first wife.] By his first 
wife he had an only daughter, who, though twice married, left no 
issue, and died in 1840. 

The male representation of the family of Mackintosh, of Mackin 


tosh, is in tha family of Angus Mackintosh, eldest son of Lachlan 
Mohr Mackintosh, who married Lady , daughter of 

the Earl of Argyle, and had issue, through whom descends the pres- 
ent family of Mackintosh, of Mackintosh, and the male represetation 
of the family of Mackintosh, of Borlnm has devolved on the heirs 
male of Lachlan Mackintosh, styled of Knocknagail, second brother 
of Brigadier Mackintosh, if any such exist and can establish their 

Mr. Charles Fraser Mackintosh, of Drummond, represents the 
family of Borlnm through Duncan Mackintosh, third brother of 
Brigadier Mackintosh; and Mr. ./Eneas Mackintosh, of Raigmore, 
M. P., represents, through Joseph Mackintosh, fourth brother of 
Brigadier Mackintosh. 

This notice of the Mackintoshes of Borlnm was furnished to Mr. 
J. W. Biillie, of Cnlter Allers, Lanarkshire, Scotland, great great- 
grandson of John Mohr Mackintosh, by Mr. C. F. Mackintosh, of 
Inverness. The parts within brackets have been added to Mr. 
Mackintosh's manuscript by Mr. Baillie. 

This ancient name is found in Scotland at an earl} 7 
day, among the feudal Barons or Lairds, though the 
name is there spelled Dunwiddiein the Acts of Scotch 
Parliament. The first of the Georgia branch was 
John Dunwody, of Londonderry, Ireland, whose 
descendant, Dr. James Dinwiddie, or Dunwody, came 
from Pennsylvania to Liberty County about 1770, and 
was one of the first physicians to practice in Liberty 
County, Georgia, and was member of the first Execu- 
tive Council of Georgia as a free state. He married 
Esther (daughter of Mr. Dean and Miss Marion of the 
Marion family of South Carolina, and widow of 
Benjamin Splatt), and had: 

I. Esther Dunwody. married to U. S. Sena- 
tor John Elliott, whose daughter, Hester, 
married Maj James S. Bulloch, and had: 
I. (Captain Jarifes Dunwody Bulloch.) 
II. Col. James Dunwody, a State Senator, 
who married Miss Smith (daughter of James 


Smith of Darien, Ga. and Miss Munroe) 
and bad, among others: 
I. Dean Dunwody, married to Miss Macdonald 
(daughter of Governor Macdonald of Georgia), 
and had issue. 

Til. John Dunwody, married to Jane Bul- 
loch (daughter of James Bulloch, Jr., and 
Ann Irvine and sister of John Irvine Bul- 
loch and Maj. James Stephens Bulloch), 
Dr. James Dunwody died in 1807. His son. John, 
died in 1858. 

In the Georgia Gazette Dr. Dunwody is styled Din- 

Jane Bulloch, daughter of * James Bulloch, Jr., and 
Anne Irvine was married to John Dunwody, Esq. (sec- 

*NOTE— James Bulloch, St., was horn in Glasgow, Scotland, a highly 
educated man and said also to be a minister, was in .South Carolina in 
1729. He was in 1735 Justice for Colleton county. In February 2\1741,"t hat 
a special commission was granted to James Bulloch, Esq., as ayent to the 
Creeks, under Great Seal. "On .November 14, 1754, he was member of South 
Carolina Colonial Assembly or Legislature." The following notice appear- 
ed in South Carolina Gazette: Tht Subscriber proposing to remove en- 
tirely into Georgia offers for sale property, etc. "See also Hammerton's 
Secretary's Record and Accounts.' He was Justice of Chris! Church Par- 
ish in Georgia, October, 1767, and member of Provincial Congress, 1775. See 
Stevens' Hist. & White's Hist. Coll., of Georgia. 

James Bulloch married Jean, daughter of Rev. Archibald Stobo, who 
came to Carolina in 1700. His children were: 

I. Archibald Bulloch, President of Georgia, 1 77f>-T7. 

II. Jean Bulloch, married tjosiah Perry. 

III. Christiana Bulloch, married Hun. Henry Yonge, our ol 
"His Majesty's Council." 

President Bulloch married Mary, daughter of Hon. Colonel James 


In v> ill of Archibald Stobo he speaks of bis son-in-law, James Bulloch, 
and ol hers. 

There is every reason to believe thai thr Bullochs of Georgia descend 
from Donald Balloch McDonald, a descendenl of Donald, Lord of the Isles. 

President Bulloch and Mary DeVeaux bad: 

I. James Bulloch (Captain) , married Anne, daughter of Dr. John 
[rvine and Ann Elizabeth, daughter of Col, Kenneth Baillie. 

II. Archibald Stobo Bulloch married Sarah Glen. 
[II. Jane Bull, ch married Jas. B. Maxwell. 

IV. Wm. B. Bulloch, married lirst Harriet DeYeau x , second Mary 

rNoTE Josiah Perry, ancestor of a branch of family of Bedon, Izard, 
1 1.- \ ward and others. 



ond son of James Dunwody and brother of Esther, 
who married John Elliott, and of Col. James Dun- 
wody, who married a Miss Smith, whose daughter 
married Rev. John Jones of Liberty county), at Sun- 
bury, Liberty county, Georgia, June 7, 1808, and had 

John Dunwody married Jane Bulloch at Sunbury, 
Liberty county, Ga.. June, June 7, 1808, and had issue: 

I. James Bulloch Dunwody, born Septem- 
ber 24, 1816, was Chaplain in Confederate 
Army, now resides at Walterboro, S. C. 
married first, Lelia Pratt, daughter of Rev. 
Horace Pratt of Tuscaloosa, Ala., and had 

1. Lelia Dunwody, who married Joseph A. 
Waddell. No children. Resides in Staunton, 

2. Jno. Dunwody, not married, resides in Sel- 
ma, Ala. 

James Bulloch Dunwody married second, 
Miss - - Martin of McPhersonville, S. 

C. No issue. 
Married third, Carrie Haygood, daughter of 

Doctor Haygood of Barnwell, S. C, 

(her brother Hon. Johnson Haygood, was 
Governor of South Carolina,) and had: 

1. Inez Dunwody, married Mr. Savage, South 

2. James Bulloch Dunwody, not married. 

3. Haygood Dunwody, deceased. 

4. Hettie Dunwody, deceased. 

5. Mary Dunwody, not married. 

II. Hettie Dunwody, died just after gradu- 
ating, of typhoid fever. 

III. John Dunwody, born in Hartford, Con- 
necticut Nov. 6th, 1818; was in Captain Nel- 


son's Company of Georgia Volunteers. Jack- 
son's Brigade Mexican War. A gallant sold- 
ier in Confederate war; was Lieutenant 
Colonel of 7th Georgia Regiment.and was at 
the first battle of Manassas. Married Eliza- 
beth Clark Wing of Georgia, and had issue: 

1. James Dunwody, died infant. 

2. Hettie Dunwody, died infant. 

3. Alice Augusta Dunwody, not married. 

4. Clara Jane Dunwody. 

5. John Elliott Dunwody. 

6. Jefferson Davis Dunwody. 

7. Henry Macon Dunwody. 

8. Dore Elizabeth Dunwody. 

9. Marion Franklin Dunwody. 

Clara Jane Dunwody, fourth child of Juo. and Miss 
Wing, married Wm. Ira Smith of Macon, Ga., and had: 

1. Win. Ira Smith, not married. 

2. Davis Dunwody Smith, deceased. 

3. Marie Dunwody. 

Juo. Elliott Dunwody, fifth child, married Ella 
Wing, of Georgia, and had issue: 

1. John Dunwody. 

2. James Dunwody. 

* Jefferson Davis Dunwody, sixth child of John and 
Miss Wing, was born February 12, 1861, married 
April 20, 1885, Miss Cornelia Robson, daughter of 
Sion B. and Kate Hester Robson, all from Georgia, 
and had issue: 

1. Kate Hester Dunwody. 

"NOTE.— Cornelia Robson, wife of J. D. Dunwody and daughter of Sion 
Boone Robson, and Kate Hester Jones, son ofjohn Robson son of Robert 
Robson, <>f Kinby, Pfoorside, Yorkshire, England. 

Kate Hester was the daughter of Thomas Jones of Virginia ami Eliza 
Derricotte. Cornelia Robson Dunwody was the greal great greal ureal 
grand daughter of Thomas Wingfleld ami Sarah Garland. 

The family have a family tree back to the Dericotts and Win;'!-: 1- i i 
year 1690. 


2. Robson Dunwody. 

3. Elizabeth Hanbury Dunwody. 

4. Cornelia Dunwody. 

Henry Macon Dunwody, seventh child, married 
Helen Keese, of Anderson, South Carolina, and has: 
1. Keese Dunwody. 
Dore Elizabeth Dunwody, eighth child, married Mr. 
E. P. Chalfant of Colorado, now resides in Chicago, 
and has: 

1. Elizabeth Dunwody Chalfant, 
Marion Franklin Dunwody, ninth child, not mar- 

IV. Jane Marion Dunwody. Was born 
June 22, 1821. 

Married first, Stanhope Irwin of Ga. 
Married second. Dr. Wm. Glen, of Charles- 
ton. S. C, married third. Adam Alexander, 
of Georgia, and died in Atlanta, Ga., with- 
out issue. 
VII. Wm. Elliott Dunwody, M. D., was born 
Nov. 6, 1823. Married Ruth Atwood, 
daughter of Wm. Henry Atwood and wife 
*Ann Mcintosh of Darien, Ga., and had 
issue. Dr. Wm. E. Dunwody died 
in Macon, Ga. 

1. Jane Dunwody, deceased. 

2. Atwood Dunwody. 

3. Wm. E. Dunwody. 

4. John Dunwody. 

5. Marion Dunwody. 

II. Atwood Dunwody. now deceased, mar- 
ried Hattie Morris of Georgia, and had: 

1. Ruth Dunwody. married Mr. Cole of-Tenn. 

2. James Dunwody. 

Xotk -Mr. Atwood of Darien told me his mother or grandmother was a 


3. Henry A. Dunwody. 

4. Hattie Dunwody. 

5. Frederick Dunwody. 

6. Marion Dunwody. 

II T. Win. E., Jr., now deceased, married 
Amy La xioche of Georgia, and had issue: 

1. Wm. Dunwody, married, has one child. 

2. Isaac Dunwody. 

3. Felix Dunwody. 

4. Ralph Dunwody. 

5. Amy Dunwody. 

6. Marion Dunwody. 

IV. John Dunwody.'married Dora Hargrove, 
of Macon (la., and had issue: 

1. John Dunwody. 

2. Dora Dunwody. 

3. Dunwody. 

V. Marion Dunwody. married Georgina 
— — ■ — . of (la., and had issue: 

1. Isaac Dunwody. 

2. Dunwody. 

VI. * Henry Macon Dunwody was born March 
13, 1826. Married Matilda Maxwell of 
Liberty County, Ga., daughter of Joseph E. 
Maxwell and Sarah Screven, and had issue: 

1. Lelia ) All died 

2. Edward > at about time they 

3. Corinne ) reached majority. 

VII. Charles A. Dunwody was born in 
Liberty Co., Ga., June 6, L828. Was a 
1st Lieutenant in Confederate Army, and 
married Ellen Rice, daughter of Judge 
Wm. Riceand bis wife Rosaline M. Jack- 

NOTE. Henry Macon Dunwody was a Major in Confederate War, and 
was killed at Gettysburg on July 2nd, 1864. 


son of Charleston. S. C. Married Ellen 
Rice on May 6, 1S52, and had issue: 

1. Rosaline M.Dunwody. Deceased. 

2. William Glen Dunwody. not married. 

3. Carrie R. Dunwody. 

4. Helen G. Dunwody 

5. C. A. Dunwody, Jr., died baby. 

6. C. A. Dunwody, also named Charles. 

7. George H. Dunwody. 

IV. Carrie R. Dunwody, third child of 
Charles A., and wife, married J. E. Jack- 
son of Sumter, S. C, and had: 

1. Ellen Jackson. 

2. Mary Jackson. 

3. Caroline Jackson. 

4. Dunwody Jackson } ™ • 

5. Charles Jackson. ) 

VI. Charles A. Dunwody, Jr., married Miss 
Howard of Ga., and has four children. 

VII. George H., son of Charles A., and wife 
Ellen, married Nora Fleming of Ala., on 
August 15, 1897. 


This ancient family is descended from an Irish 
nobleman, whose two sons, Edmund and James Fan- 
ning, emigrated to North Carolina. When the Revo- 
lutionary War broke out Edmund, the elder of these 
brothers, remained loyal to Great Britain, command- 
ed a British Regiment and after the War was made 
Governor of Nova Scotia and subsequently succeeded 
to the titles and estates of his father. One of Ed- 
mund's daughters married Major Wickham a cele- 
brated lawyer of Richmond Virginia. The younger 
brother, James Fanning, espoused the cause of the 


Colonies, and became an officer of high rank. So in- 
censed was he at the action of his elder brother that 
he dropped the "g'' in his name and ever afterward 
spelled the name Fannin. 

Among the descendants of. James Fannin may be 
mentioned Col. James Fannin, who was basely and 
treacherously murdered by the Mexicans at Goliad. 
Colonel James Fannin of West Point, Colonel Tsam 
G. Fannin, Augustus and Oliver P. Fanniu, Maj. 
Abraham Baldwin Fannin, Maj. Joseph Decker Fan- 
nin, Joseph D. Fannin, planter; Abraham Fannin. 
Collector of Customs, Savannah Ga. These have 
contributed to the history of this honorable name. 
Beside these the family is connected to the eminent 
family of " i: Fort, and among the other descendants of 
James Fannin, we may mention the families of 
Porter, Williams, Wade. Seaborn Johnson. Floyd. 
Woodson, Foster, Huguenin and others. 

James Fannin, son of the "Irish Nobleman." 
married Elizabeth Saffold and had: 

I. Elizabeth Fannin married Mi\ Alison. 

II. Anne Fannin, married Mr. Kmapp. 

III. Joseph Decker Fannin, married Betsy 

IV. James Fannin, married Miss. Porter. 

V. Jeptha Fannin, married Catharine Porter. 

VI. John Fannin, married. 

VII tMajor Abraham Baldwin Fannin, born 
Nov. 19, 1791. Died Dec. 18, 1851, married 
Nov. 15, 1821 by Rev. John Howard, Jane 

*.\ote— Arthur Fort was member of First Executive Council. 

tNOTE. — Major A. B. Fannin's name is found in a roster of a company 
of troops commanded by Capt. Tomlinson Fort, in which, in a terrific 
engagement with the Spaniards and Indians, they repulsed tin- enemy! 
hut lost nearly all their men. This was in Florida in 1812. Think t here i- a 
county of Fannin, both in Georgia ami Texas named alter this illustrious 


Williamson, (eldest daughter of John P. 
Williamson, Esq., and his wife Sarah.) and 

1. Sarah Williamson, born Sept. 21, 1822, 
died July 27, 1848. 

2. Elizabeth Saffold Fannin, born Feb. 27, 
1824, died Oct. 10, 1828. 

3. Georgia Fannin, born Dec. 11, 1825, married 
in Savannah Dec. 21, 1848, Judge McQueen 
Mcintosh and had issue: 

I. Georgia Mcintosh, died in infancy. 

II. Thomas Hamilton Mcintosh, died in 

III. Henry Sadler Mcintosh, who changed 
his name to McQueen, after his father's 
death, is now living in Macon, Ga. 

IV. Jessie Mcintosh married A.J. Graeffe. 

4. Florida Jane Fannin, born Dec. 24. 1827, 
married Dec. 3, 1850, Dr. John D. Fish and 


I. John Read Fish. 

II. William Williamson Fish. 

5. Virginia Fannin, born Sept. 18, 1829, died 
April 16,. 1831. 

6. Abraham Baldwin Fannin, born July 4, 
1831. died Sept. 1834. 

7. Augusta Jane Fannin, born May 4, 1833, 
died Jan. 28, 1862. At the death of her 
mother she was baptised Jane Williamson. 
Married C. M. Hoist. Esq., Nov. 26, 1826, and 

I. Helena Hoist. 

II. Mary Williamson Hoist. 

8. Mary Thomas Fannin, born Aug. 7, 1834, 
died Jan 8. 1835 

I. Elizabeth Fannin and Mr. Alison had issue 


two children, among whom was: 
T. Abraham Baldwin Allison, married twice 
and had issue by both marriages. His chil- 
dren were: 

1. Charles Alison. 

2. Ella Alison. 

3. Mary Alison. 

II. Joseph Decker Fannin and Betsy Lowe 
had issue: 

1. Martha Lowe Fannin, born Jan. 8, 1804, 
married Dr. Tomlinson Fort. 

2. Anne Fannin, married Major John W. 

3. Minerva Fannin, married Seaborn Johnson. 

4. Joseph Decker Fannin. (Major.) 

5. Sarah Fannin, married Judge Stewart 
Floyd, and had: 

1. Floyd. 

2. Floyd, married Fred Foster. 

3. Floyd, married Mr. Woodson. 

III. James Fannin who probably married a 
Miss Porter and had: 

1. Elizabeth Fannin, married Mr. Walker and 
had issue: 

2. * James W. Fannin, (Colonel of Artillery.) 

3. Colonel Isham Fannin. 

4. Oliver P. Fannin. 

V. Jeptha Fannin, third son of first James, 
married Catharine Porter, and had; 

1. Isham Fannin. 

2. Jeptha Fannin. 

*NOTE Colonel James Fannin, Colonel <>f Artillery, born in North 
Carolina, and killed atGoliad, Texas. March 27, 1836. He was treacherously 
.mirdered by the Mexicans, and left a widow ;...,! two daughters who 
were provided for by the State of Texas, until the death of Mrs Fannin, 
thenadopted by the State of Texas, and lived with Gov. M.n.beau 
Lamar, a great friend of Major A II. Fannin and hit guest when passing 
through Savannah. 


3. Elizabeth Fannin, married Mr. Howard. 

4. Martha Fannin. 

5. Mary Fannin, probably married Mr. How- 

VI. John Fannin, fourth son of first James 
married and had: 

1. j Augustus Fannin, married and had one 

2. Mary Etta Fannin, married Eli Shorter, and 
had issue: One daughter married Mr. 

Martha Lowe Fannin, eldest daughter of Joseph 
Decker Fannin, married Dr. Tomlinson Fort, phy- 
sician, Author, Statesman, born July 17, 1787, former- 
ly merabpr of Congress and one of the eminent men 
of his day and time, son of Arthur Fort, one of the 
ardent patriots of the Revolution of 1776, Martha 
Lowe Fannin died June IS, 1883. They had issue: 

I. Julia Fort, married Edward D. Hug- 

IT. George Fort, died age 26. 
HI. Martha Fort, married Robert J. Morgan 
of Memphis, Tenn., and has three chil- 

IV. Susan Fort, died. 

V. Kate H. Fort, married. 

VI. Tomlinson Fort, (Captain) married, 
living in Chattanoga. 

VII. Sallie Fort, think married 0. H. Miller 

VIII. John P. Fort, married Miss Ellis and 
has issue. 

IX. Fannie Fort, married Julius L. Brown, 
son of Gov. Joseph E. Brown, and has 
one daughter: 

+NOTE.— Probably a son of James Faimin. 


T. Martha Brown. 
1. Julia Fort and Edward D. Huguenin had: 

1. Dora Huguenin married John Ellis. 

2. Martha Huguenin married Marsh 
Johnston, of Tenn. (Live now in Macon) 
and have issue: 

1. Richard Johnston. 

2. Martha Johnston. 

3. Edward Huguenin married Mary 
Randall of Albany, N. Y., and had: 
1. Julia Huguenin. 
Anne Fannin and Major John W. Porter had 

I. Elizabeth Porter married Mr. Wade of 
Madison, Ga. 

II. William Porter, married. 

III. Henry Porter, (Captain) dead. 

IV. Martha Porter, married George Wil- 
liams of Charleston, 8. C, and had issue, 
one of whom married Patrick Calhoun of 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Minerva Fannin, daughter of Joseph Decker Fan- 
nin and Betsy Lowe, married Seaborn Johnston of 
Cave Spring, Ga., and had issue: 

I. Jack Johnston, married. 


As the data expected in regard to this family has 
failed to arrive, would say that this is a noble Aus- 
trian family, and that in the later generations no lc^s 
than three of this family, all brothers, occupied very 
prominent positions, one as chancellor, diplomat and 
statesman, besides being eminent soldiers. Madam 
Baillie's family on mother's side, was an especially 
good family of Spanish origin, who quartered the 


same Royal Emblem in their arms as the Spanish 
Royal family. 




$<mcilas$ •£ IfctquKIfo, 






In Preface read C. Fraser Mcintosh not Frasor. 
Page 10 rend Barnard de Balio'l not Balio. 

" 11 " line 15 Penston not Penton. 

'• 13 " in well not will. 

" 13 " preceding instead of proceeding. 

" 21 " line 28 read Colonel of 2nd Regiment not Regement. 

" 23 •' line 14 read Dochfonr not Dockfour. 

" 28 Read James Stephens Bulloch and Hester A. El- 
liott had: 

I. Captain James Dunwody Bulloch. 

McQueen Mcintosh only surviviug son of Hon/ Judge McQueen 
of U. S. District Court, has very kindly lent the author 4 to 
examine and extract from, some valuable papers which 
imformation has greatly added to this work for which he 
is much obliged. 

" 34 " in note third not tliirth son. 

" 38 " line 10 Jane Baillie not Billie. 

" 39 under Arms of Baillie of Filleigh read Dunain orDunean 
not Dunein. 

'• 44 sister Fred Burnaby of Baldoon. 

" 44 line 6, read Gilbert Baillie married. 

" 48 line read lands not rands. 

■ 49 read Archibald not Archiball Campbell. 

•• 50 line 19 read Agnes Ramsay of Balmain, line 23 read John 
Irvine of Murthill. 

•• 51 read Baillie not Bailiie. 

" 51 read Joseph Gaston Baillie Bulloch married Eunice 
Helena Cloud Bailey not Eunice Helena Cloud Bulloch. 

" 51 read Dr. Wm. Gaston Bulloch married Mary Eliza Adams 
Lewis, daughter of John Lewis, son of Joseph Lewis and 
Susannah Baker, son of Isaac Lewis and Susan Kirkland, 
son of Samuel Lewis and Mary. John Lewis married 
Susan Adams first and then second. Margaret Adams 
daughters of Nathaniel Adams and Anne Bolton, daugh 
ters of Robert Bolton and Susannah, daughter of Mathew 
and Jane Mauve. 

Nathaniel Adams was son of Nathaniel Adams and 
Margaret Ellis, daughter of Edmund Ellis Esq. Dr. 
Bulloch and Mary Lewis had issue. See page 50. 


The father of Theodore Roosevelt Isq., who married 
Martha Bulloch, was Cornelius Van Schaack Roosevelt of 
an ancient Dutch family of New York. He married 
Margaret Barnhill of Pennsylvania. Anna Roosevelt eld- 
est daughter of Theodore Roosevelt and Martha Bulloch, 
married William Sheffield Cowles of Farmington, Con- 
necticut, now Lieutenant Commander in the U. S. Navy. 
Douglas Robinson who married Corinne Roosevelt, 
sister of above, is the direct descendant of King Dun- 
can 1 of Scotland, through the Earls of Athole. Tha 
family name was originally Robertson of Struan, but 
was changed to Robinson in 1705, for political purpose?. 

" 57 line 32 read possession. 

•' 60 line 2 read among thousands. 

" 63 Kenneth Baillie's will, line 5, read mortality, line 9 read 
Almighty God. 

" 64 line 25 read Samuel Burnley not Turnley. 

Mcintosh County is named after the family of Mcintosh. 


Norbert Von Haymerle, created Chevalier in 1730, married 
daughter of Von Stetten and had issue: 

I. Wenzel Chevalier Von Haymerle, herr of Libitz, and 
Landstand of Bohemia, confirmed in the title in 17(315 
married Maximdiana Von Deim and had Franz. Cheva- 
lier Von Haymerle, herr of Icshnutz, K. K., Agent to the 
Crown and Councillor to the Ecclesiastical Court. Cele- 
brated as having upset the plot to place a wrongful heir 
on the thrcne of Prince Lichtenstein. He married 
Claudia Von Kronenfels daughter of Wenzel Stephanas 
Kronenfels K. K. and his wife Teresa Von Ossendorf 
and had: 

Anton, Chevalier Von Haymerle who married Me- 
lanie Pontz Von Engelshofen, and had: 

1. Micheline Von Haymerle. 

2. Franziska Von Haymerie, 

3. Elizabeth Von Haymerle married Alexander Baillie 
Nov. 17, 1855. 

The records of this family date from the year 1524. Sigmund 
Ponz von Engelshofen was made a Chevalier by the Emperor Leo- 
pold in 1G68, but to be eligible to receive the title he had to show de- 
scent from at least four previous generations and it was understood 
at that time that he was descended from a very noble and ancient 
family. The first of the family of whom we have particulars was:' 

Anton Reichsritter Pontz married daughter of Von Magersberg. 

von Engelshofen, Fieldmarshal. I 

1. Candid m.VonHaidern 2. Gregar, land owner :;. Johanna m. 4. Uosia m. 
whose descendants are andlndigenaof llun- Count Von Chevalier Von 

living now. y, in. Barbara Bottersmuend. Hartenfeld. 

Von Huettersthal 
and had issne: 

Melanie, born abont lsns, in. Matilde, 

Anton, Chevalier Von Haymerle, died unmarried. 

K. K. Major in Austrian Army, 
and had issue. 

Micheline, in. Fieldmarshal 2- Franziska ra General :;. Elizabeth, m. 17th Nov. 
Baron Von Weber, and has Louis von Haymerle, 1855, Alexander Baillie, 

issue. and has issue. of Bugh James 

Baillie, and has issue. 

1. Jessie Fraser, in. 2. Marj Frances, m Julj L887, Ed. 

George WitclK'i-, 3d wife, eldest BonofEvan Baillie of FUleigta Chudleigh 

and has issue. Devon, representative head of tin' Lamington, I 

and Dochfour branches of the Baillie and Baliol Family 
and has 

1. Marion de Lacj Baillie, born 18th Aug. [889. 


After weighing all the evidence presented in this work the followingcon- 
clusions have been deduced: That Miss Maria Mcintosh was the daugh- 
ter of General Lachlan Mcintosh and that she had a brother or half 
brother, Commodore James Mackay Mcintosh, besides these given. That 
Hon. John E. 'Ward was a son of Annie Mcintosh; tliat Hester Mcintosh, 
her sister, married Dr. Bayard and that some other sister married a Jones, 
and that the Wards, Whins, Bacons and Winstons'descend from General 
Mcintosh : and further, that there was without doubt separate individuals 
—John and George Mcintosh— one of whom married, Anne, daughter of Sir 
Patrick Houstoun. That Lachlan Mcintosh, son of Lachlan, son of Col, 
William Mcintosh, married the widow of Captain Nash, and second a Max- 
well. All the Darien Wyllys descend from the Spaulding and Mcintosh 
family. That beside Rev. Win. II. Mcintosh and Judge McQueen Mcin- 
tosh, that Major William Jackson Mcintosh had those given in note foot of 
page 87. That Rev. William Mcintosh had those given on same page, 
whether by a second marriage or first, the author cannot say. Page 76 
should read MeQueen'McIntosh's authority. Col. * Kenneth" Baillie died 
July, 1766, same date as will, so he must have been'horn in 1702-3. His son 
Kenneth the third, died December 18, 1767 

Mrs. Irvine mentions in'her will her plantation of Dunain'and Dr. Irvine 
was executor for RoberCC. Baillie. That Rory'and DonaldTseems nol to 
have left issue. 

It should be stated/thaCMrs. Kenneth (Elizabeth) TBaillie Tmarried see- 
ond a Mr. Powell and this is the "father-in-law" _ Robert Carnibe speaks of 
in "Mcintosh Letter." Mrs. Powell had no issue'bylher last marriage but 
leaves property to her grand-children of name of Bulloch, descendents of 
Col. Baillie (Liberty County Records.) 

The author has discovered on pages 87 and[88 an'error in marking notes. 
It was George Mcintosh, son of George and Miss Houstoun who was Min- 
ister to France from Texas and his father was probably at times called 
John Mcintosh instead of George tho' there was a John Mcintosh as well 
as a George, who were brothers, and sons of John Mohr Mcintosh. One of 
these married a Hounstoun. 

It would seem that in'his younger days Z Major Williom Jackson Mcin- 
tosh was also in navy as well as army. 

On page 75 Judge McQueen Mcintosh's. family lacks the marks Motto of 
Mcintosh should be: "Touch Not the Cat But With a Glove." 


Anglesea, Earl of , 12 

Bailleul 10 

Baliol 9, 10 

Baliol, King John 11 

Baillie. .Sir William of Hoprig, 48, 51 

Baillie, Alexander 15, 17, 18,21,23 

Baillie, Catharine 35, 33 

Baillie, Ann 21 

Baillie, Ann Eiizabeth 25 

Baillie, Colin Nora 43 

Baillie, Christian 21 

Baillie, David 17, 33 

Baillie, Edmund Alexander. . ..40, 43 

Baillie, Evan Sir Evan 32 

Baillie, Evan of Filleigh. .23, 33, 40, 51 

Baillie, Elizabeth 46,61 

Baillie, Helen 22 

Baillie, James Bruce 39 

Baillie, John 10,21,22 

Baillie, Kenneth Sr 21, 56 

Baillie, Kenneth Jr 15,21,22, 21 

Will of 63 

Baillie, Kenneth Younger 24 

Baillie, L, of Lamington 9, 11 

Baillie, Mary 21 

Baillie, Marian de Lacy 43 

Baillie, Robert Carnibe 22, 21,61 

Baillie, William 17, 21, 22 

Barclay 48 

Barrow, Hon. Pope 77 

Baker 30, 31 

Bellinger 25 

Bothwell Lord 50 

Burton, Lord 39 

Bruce, Earl of Carrick 12 

Bulloch 25, 27,28,29 

Campbell, Lady Anne 22 

Campbell, Colin 35 

Chisholm of Comar 17,35, 45 

Corsindae, Forbes of 18 

Colville, Sir Charles 38 

Cuthbert 28 

Douglass, Duke of Touraine 48 

Dochfour 19,32 

Dunain 23, 24 

Darling 30 

De Veaux 25, 27 

Dunwody 46 

Dunwody Family 92 

Elliott 25 

Elgin, Earl of 39 

Fannin Family 98 

Farquaharson 26 

Forbes 17, 18, 19, 22, 50 

Forbes Lord 18 


Fraser 19 

Fraser of Relig 33 

Glen, Chief Justice 43 

Gordon 19 

Gordon, Ladv Henrietta 36 

Grant 2l 

Grant, Sir Duncan 

Grant, of Glenrnorriston 56 

Harris 14, 20 

Higgins 40 

Horn 24 

Hume 13 

Irvine, of Cults 46 

Irvine 24, 25 

Irvine of Murthill 46 

Irvine Dr. John 25 

Innes 21 

Jones, Hon. Noble 27 

Jones, Noble Wymberly 27 

Kell 14, 20, 82 

Kenan... 78 

Lamington, Lord 51 

Lamington 13 

Lovat Lord 19 


Mackay 46, 31 

Maxwell 28 

McKenzie, Sir Kenneth of Coul. . 23 

McKenzie 20 

McPherson 22 

McDonald 21 

Martin 42 

Manchester, Duke of 38 

Mackay 33 

Mackay of Bisjhouse 34 

MacMahon. Sir Thomas 42 

Mcintosh, C. Fraser, Letter of... 53 

Mcintosh Family — 68 

Mercer 19 

Munro 18 

Morse 40 

Ogilvie Elizabeth 50 

Oglethorpe 23 

Orkney, Earl of 48 

Pagets 12 

Peach 40 

Robinson Douglas 29 

Ringdufferin 12 

Roosevelt, Hon. Theodore 28,29 

Rose 77 

Rose, Col. Hugh 23 

INDEX i i i 

Tilquihillie, Douglass of 50 

Von Hymerle 41,10,3 

Seton Lord 48 

Seton 11, 15 

Seton Fatnilv 47 

Sinclair 13, 48 

Society "Letter to Paper" 51 

Spalding 7(> 

Stewart, Sir John 56 

Washington 11 

Wallace 11, 15, 23, 40 

Wimberley 35 

Winston, Frederick II 84 

Wylly 78 


^W^^^ lr